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5 Ways UWM Survives Fall Without a Football Team


Every year, we watch friends from other schools experience “game days.”  They dress head to toe in their school colors and caption their photos with the saying “game days are the best part of fall.” Being a student at a school without a football team can be tough, but at UWM, we’ve found other ways to enjoy this glorious season in our own unique way.


1) Our campus is absolutely stunning in the fall.  Every tree on campus turns a different color once fall hits. As the fountain glistens in the fall air, the trees that surround it make it even more special. Plus, who can forget all the amazing photo opportunities campus has to offer?  


2) UWM Fall Welcome

UWM offers so many events to their students during the first few weeks of the school year and the best part is – most of these events are free to students! From boat tours along the river in downtown Milwaukee to group exercise classes at the K to Pantherfest at the Summerfest grounds, students get a chance to get out and explore Milwaukee without even spending a cent.


3) The Lakefront

If students are lucky, they may get a few days where it’s warm enough to hangout at Milwaukee’s lakefront. With parks, beaches and walking paths, there’s no better way to enjoy a warm and sunny afternoon. Bublr bikes are offered to students and allow them to bike along the lakefront on a beautiful fall day. Stop by Colectivo Coffee-Lakefront Cafe located by Mckinly Marina for fall treats such as warm apple cider, hot chocolate, pumpkin chocolate chip bread and hot spiced chai’s. It’s favorite fall spot to many. 



4) Milwaukee Film Festival

Milwaukee is home to the 5th largest film festival in the country. With films being screened from over 50 counties, students get the chance to view to a variety of different features. Best part? Downer Theater and Oriental Theater are located in Milwaukee’s East Side neighborhood just blocks from UWM’s campus. This makes it easy for students to get to and attend the festival. Both theaters are south of UWM. 



5) NFL Sunday’s 

UWM may not have their own football team, but that doesn’t stop Wisconsinites at UWM from watching football on the weekends. On a Sunday afternoon, the campus is painted in green and gold with Green Bay Packer jersey’s everywhere. Stop by any of the resident halls, the student union or various bars and restaurants around campus to cheer on the state team with fellow UWM students. 

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