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20 Reasons Why We Are Thankful For Rome

We can’t imagine our lives without studying abroad in Rome. It was the best four months of our lives that we will always remember. The memories, adventures, the people, and the food is what we miss every day. Without studying abroad, I don’t think I would have met the most amazing genuine people in my life. Emily and I met through our study abroad program and til this day we still keep in contact. We decided to collaborate on this piece to bring you 20 Reasons Why We Are Thankful for Rome.   

  1. For the life-long friends that you have blessed us with

  2. The endless amounts of delicious food that we miss eating every day 

  3. The coffee 

  4. Giving us the best four months of our lives

  5. Trastevere provided us with a small community in a huge city

  6. The most beautiful churches in the world 

  7. The gelato  

  8. The history 

  9. New appreciation for Italian accents

  10. A new sense of independence

  11. Traveling no longer intimidates us 

  12. It is possible to only sleep 5 hours over a long travel weekend

  13. Knowledge of wine 

  14. New appreciation for the American police siren

  15. Icebreakers are now a piece of cake… “what’s something interesting about you?” I lived in Rome for 4 months 

  16. Giving us the opportunity to travel and experience other European countries 

  17. Teaching us to enjoy our lives  

  18. Knowing all the different types of pasta

  19. Giving us the opportunity to tell our kids, grand kids and great grandchildren all the crazy stuff we did in the Eternal City

  20. And finally, allowing us to write this article





Tori is a senior at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where she is majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management with an minor in International Business. In her free time, Tori loves searching for the cheapest way to travel the world, drinking obscene amounts of coffee and read up on all the new fashion trends. Not to mention her love for Pinterest and attempting new DIY projects. Do you need travel inspo? Or maybe restaurant recommendations? Follow her on Instagram, @tori.sweeney !
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