12 Times Christian Grey Outdid Himself Yet Again in Fifty Shades Darker

SPOILERS AHEAD: If it was at all possible for Christian Grey to get more sophisticated, romantic & way more attractive he did so in Fifty Shades Darker. The second film of the series came out on Valentine’s Day and topped the box office charts. I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve got a guilty pleasure for the Fifty Shades series but especially Mr. Grey, so just like most fan girls I was in the theatre the first day the movie came out. Maybe you are an enthusiast (like myself) or maybe you think the concept of an erotic romance story turned positive is completely ridiculous, but Fifty Shades Darker is definitely a must see. Here are some of the ways Christian set the bar way to high for the average guy yet again, leaving girls searching for a real life Mr. Grey: 

1. Christian shows up to an art gala where one of Ana’s friends has displayed photos he took of her. He then buys each photo because he cant stand people gauking at her and asks her out to dinner. 


2. As a spur of the moment gift to Ana when the two decide to try things again, Christian returns Ana’s laptop he had purchased for her earlier along with the keys to her Audi and a new IPhone…quite the gift Christian. 

3. Shortly after they get back together, Christian helps Ana cook a cute romantic dinner even though he probably hasn’t cooked much in his entire life. 


4. When Christian invites Ana to his parents Masquerade Ball she complains she has nothing to wear, so Christian arranges a closet full of ball gowns for her to choose from. 


5. Along with having nothing to wear, Ana also worries about her hair so Christian hires a personal stylist to come to his penthouse to do Ana’s hair for the ball. 


6. When things get a little sketchy in Seattle, Christian take Ana to his private yacht where they sail around aimlessly for a day. 


7. After Christian meets Ana’s boss, Jack Hyde, he decides to buy the company she works for due to the fact that he doesn’t trust Jack. 

8. Christian’s instincts are spot on. After Ana turns Jack down to go on a business trip to New York with him, he tries to seduce her. Christian then has him fired. 

9. When Christian sold Ana’s vintage Volkswagen bug, he wrote her a check for $24,000 but since he bought her a new Audi she decided to return the check to him. Ana then rips up the check since she doesn’t want to except,  so he then has the money wired back into her account. 


10. Ana is awoken by music one morning to walk downstairs to find Christian working out, looking like this.....


11. FINALLY, Christian proposes in an extravagant way as we all expected him to. He takes Ana to the pool house which is covered in hundreds of colorful flowers and when she turns around he is down on one knee. 


12. And then fireworks go off…as if it couldn’t get any better.