Why It’s Okay Not to be at the Same Relationship Level as Facebook

You scroll through Facebook, and there you see it. One friend announced they are pregnant, two friends are engaged, and four friends are on the most adorable dates ever. Not to mention the friends who actually had their weddings and are posting the most beautiful photos. You look at all the love, couples, and weddings and wonder what is wrong with you.


I went a very small school for my undergrad, and by the time I graduated only two out of the 32 people I lived with in freshman year were not married, engaged, or pregnant.  I was one of the two. My first year I felt that I was weird and that I would never find love. This made me look for love and try and get into a relationship when I wasn’t necessarily right for someone. The relationships didn’t last long, and I was back to being single.


I continued to feel like the weirdo who just watched all of her friends post about their relationships on Facebook; however, I loved that all of my friends were finding relationships that they loved!  


Fast forward a few years and I have much more acceptance of who I am. I realized that when the time is right I will find a guy that I love to be with. I realized that the saying “Love will come to you when you least expect it”, is very true. I used to get so mad when people would tell me this, but it is honestly one of the truest things I have ever heard. I realized that I wasn’t a weirdo for not finding “the one.” You can’t force love because no one will be happy. I also realized that sometimes you need to take time to love yourself because that is okay to do.


So next time you are scrolling through Facebook and see that all of your friends are in adorable relationships, congratulate them. Like their photos, heart their photos even, and know that you being single deserves a like too. Celebrate that you have amazing friends that will stand with you when you find “the one”, and know that you are not alone in being single. Go out today or stay in and enjoy some me time. There is nothing wrong with you. If all else fails maybe turn social media off for the night and watch an awesome movie or read a great book.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you take some time to love yourself today!