Why I'm a Feminist

Starting university, I really struggled with picking elective courses that truly interested me. Taking random “bird courses” was not as fulfilling as I had hoped. Influenced by a friend’s recommendation, I decided to take a first year Women and Gender Studies course, and truly fell in love with it. I finally felt that I had found a class I genuinely enjoyed, and though it was challenging, I was extremely successful, as it was a subject I grew passionate about.

One of the most significant things that I learned through this course was the true definition of a Feminist. Despite what many people think, Feminism is not the belief that women are the superior sex, but it is the belief that everyone should be equal. Meaning, not only should men and women be equal, but every human—no matter their ability, race, gender, culture or religious beliefs—should be seen as equal as well. Feminism is not a new concept—in fact, it has been present in society since the late 19th and early 20th century.

There are many common misconceptions about Feminists in our society. Feminists are not women who hate men. Feminism was not created to promote women’s superiority over men. Not all feminists are women. While some feminists are extremists, most are not. It is so common, even in society today, that women are afraid of being referred to as Feminists because of the fear of being labelled negatively. Even though I am proud to be a Feminist, I also occasionally am afraid to publically refer to myself as a Feminist out of fear of being viewed negatively by those around me. Only recently, with the rise of the Me Too movement, have I felt the true importance of Feminism and the importance of being proud of my stance.


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I am a Feminist because I believe that all people—no matter their gender, race, or creed—should get equal opportunities. I am a Feminist because I believe it is important to carry on the legacy of change that began with the First Wave Feminists. I am a Feminist because I want to help create a better society for my children, so that they do not have to endure the hardships and discrimination that many others have faced. If you feel as passionate about equality and creating a better tomorrow, be proud to refer to yourself as a Feminist! Let's remove the stigma surrounding the word and celebrate Feminism for what it really is: equality.