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Which Last-Minute Costume Should You be?

With Halloween being tomorrow, millions of girls everywhere will be doing the last minute search. Maybe you didn’t think you were going to ditch your scary movie marathon plans last minute, or maybe you just haven’t had time to think about it. Whatever your excuse is, take this quiz to help you decide what you should be.

1. What’s your favourite girly movie?

A. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

B. Crossroads

C. Mean Girls

D. None of the above…
2. What’s your favourite breakfast?
A. A croissant and coffee
B. Something fast like fruit
C. Pancakes or waffles, more syrup the better
D. Steak and eggs
3. How do you spend your Sundays?

A. A nice walk, maybe a picnic or reading a book outside

B. Recovering from Saturday

C. Not changing from my PJs and spending the day with Netflix

D. Looking for new music to listen to


4. How would you describe your style?

A. Classic

B. Preppy

C. Girly

D. Lots of black


5. What’s your favourite Halloween activity?

A. Carving pumpkins

B. Watching a scary movie with someone cute

C. Eating candy apples and drinking anything with the words pumpkin and spice

D. Walking through haunted houses, both recreational and real


6. What’s your fall nail colour?

A. Always a french tip

B. Pink

C. Maroon

D. Black


7. What’s your favourite season?

A. Winter

B. Spring

C. Summer

D. Fall


8. What’s your idea of a great date?

A. A candlelit dinner

B. An amusement park

C. The drive in

D. A museum


If you got mostly A’s you should be…

Holly Golightly

You’re a timeless classic, just like your last minute costume. All you’ll need is a black dress, some black elbow-length silk gloves, black sunglasses and a long double wrapped pearl necklace. Bonus points for a tiny tiara on top of your elegant french twist.

If you got mostly Bs you should be…

Hit Me Baby One More Time Britney

You like  to have some fun, Halloween is a time for you to let loose! Throw a grey cardigan over a white collared  blouse that’s tied at the stomach. Grab a cute dark circle or pleated skirt, some knee high socks and don’t forget to put your hair into pigtail braids, secured with fluffy pink elastics.

If you got mostly Cs you should be…

A mouse, duh.

This costume is for the very last minute girl! Which is nice, because it’s super simple. Piece together a cute grey lingerie dress, some mouse ears, and some furry boots. Easier than talking to Aaron Samuels.

If you got mostly Ds you should be…

Wednesday Addams

This costume is for  the dark at heart kinda girl, or at least one that enjoys the spookiness of halloween! Wear a white collar underneath a black dress or a black shirt/black bottoms ensemble. Braid your hair into pigtails, and apply black eye makeup and a dark lip.

They’re the cliché of the costume world, but these last minute wonders will come in handy. Besides, who can think costumes when it’s almost Christmas? Have a safe Halloween! 


Bryanna Millben

Laurier Brantford '20

Hi! I'm a fourth-year at Wilfrid Laurier University working towards a BA in English with a minor in History, and the Campus Correspondent/President for HC Laurier Brantford. I have a super sweet golden retriever named Marley, and aspire to work in Public Relations. 
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