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What’s The Blanket Trend On TikTok and How To Do It

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As the cold weather begins to set in this fall, my social media apps are filled with cozy trends and DIYs. The one that tempted me the most to try was a tie knot blanket. In this trend, people have been going to fabric stores with their significant other or with their best friend and creating matching blankets. Usually this activity involves two people that each  choose one fabric that matches with the other person, or it can be completely randomized. The goal is to connect both types of fabric together with knots, which will create a double sided blanket, showing both individuals contribution. 

During this past reading week, me and one of my best friends decided to give this trend a try. Therefore, we are now experts on this trend and can help others avoid the mistakes we made. If you’re planning on creating this blanket as well, keep reading along so you can know exactly how to do it. 

First, we went to our local fabric store, Fabricland, and headed straight to the back of the store. There you will see a bunch of rolls of fleece material. Some had generic patterns like plaid or polka dots, but there were  also more interesting prints that had dinosaurs and disney movies on them. My friend and I are both very indecisive so instead of doing two random patterns, we decided to get a pattern we both liked, and matched it with a plain fleece colour. Then, we brought the two patterns over to the cutting area and asked for 4 yards of each fleece (two each). The employee at the station will do everything for you, including calculating how much it’ll cost. The cutting may take a few minutes so feel free to wander the store until they’re done. The employee handed us a slip of paper and our fabric to bring to the front register. After paying, we were on our way back to the house. 

We laid out our fabrics one over the other to line them  up exactly how we’d want them to appear  on the blanket. Then, we cut out roughly 4” by 4” squares on each of the corners. Next, we cut roughly 4” strips into the blanket around the entire perimeter. Lastly, we tied knots with these strips which connected the two fabrics together. Voila! You’ve completed your blanket!

This was a super easy DIY to make but note that it’s decently time consuming so I suggest buying snacks and watching a movie while you do this. Overall, I would highly recommend trying out this trend, especially since you’re left with an adorable take home gift.

Liz Case

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