What a Runner Thinks

Thanks for clicking on another Running Report! This week I would like to take you through some of the thoughts a runner, in particular me, might have while they are out on a run. In one of my previous articles I mentioned that I don’t really think about anything when I race, but going out for an easy run is different. There have been articles like this on runners World and Canadian Running, but now I wanted to put my own twist on things and give you an idea of the things I think about while on a run. I will start from just before stepping out the door and write  until the run is done.

1. Okay, time to go for a run.

2. I wonder what the weather is like?

3. (Looks out the window) Oh man, it’s windy today.

4. Oh well, running in the wind will make me tougher!

5. (Starts putting on running clothes) Will I be too hot in this?

6. Will I be too cold?

7. Better wear the sweatshirt just in case.

8. Okay time to tie my shoes.

9. Are these too tight?

10. Okay, do I have my keys?

11. Time to head out.

12. Oh no the trees are really moving, hopefully a branch doesn’t fall off while I run!

13. Okay here goes nothing.

14. Oh wow it’s colder than I expected.

15. Well once I move more I will warm up.

16. Oh another person.

17. Wait are they coming towards me?

18. Why are they coming closer to me.

19. Hopefully I don’t have to use my mad ninja skills on them!

20. Oh good, they were just out for a walk.

21. Oh look another runner.

22. Should I wave?

23. Maybe?

24. Okay I will wave.

25. Hi other runner.

26. Oh, they didn’t wave back.

27. Fine, I will just keep running.

28. Okay one foot, two foot, three foot, four, five foot, six foot, seven foot, eight.

29. Stop counting and watch the stop lights.

30. Hopefully a car doesn’t hit me!

31. Is that car following me?

32. Nope.

33. Oh look, starbucks.

34. I could go for a coffee right now!

35. I will make coffee when I get home.

36. I wonder how far I have gone?

37. 4 miles!

38. Halfway done already?

39. 4 miles until coffee and food.

40. I am getting really warm now.

41. Oh well I prefer the heat to the cold.

42. I never realized how loud I breathed.

43. Oh look a squirrel.

44. Move squirrel I don’t want to run you over.

45. Move squirrel.

46. (Jumps sideways) Why do squirrels not move?

47. What else do I have to do today?

48. Make breakfast, go to class, finish that paper, create a lesson plan, stretch.

49. Okay I have a good list of things to do.

50. Run, run, run, run, run, run, run.

51. Oh no, intersection.

52. (Sprint through intersection) made it!

53. (someone honks) Yes sir, can I help you?

54. Why do random people have to honk?

55. I just want to run!

56. Oh no a walker.

57. I don’t want to scare them.

58. “On your left” (Walker jumps and lets out audible gasp)

59. I’m sorry walker I didn’t mean to scare you!

60. Okay half a mile to go.

61. What should I make for breakfast?

62. I’m going to sprint home.

63. Okay I’m tired.

64. Look it’s my house.

65. I really have to go to the bathroom.

66. Opens door.

67. Home sweet home.

68. I love to run!

69. Time to make coffee and eat food.

70. Let’s do this again tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed a quick glimpse into what I  might think on a run. They may not be the most organized thoughts, but that is truly what happens when you have so much time to just think.  I can’t wait to have you here again next week for the next Running Report.