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Unhinged Science: Scorpions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

Scorpions are little predatory arachnids that have some funky attributes. Yes, they’re actually arachnids, but they fall within the category of scorpiones; these species are characterized by their 8 legs, pincers, and stinger ended tail. I think scorpions are pretty nifty little fellows, and this article is just an excuse for me to tell you all the weird facts I know about them!

FACT 1: 

The most deadly scorpion is the deathstalker (very cute), and while its sting cannot kill a healthy adult, children, the elderly, and sick people are at a greater risk of killed by the sting of one of these suckers. Their venom is a mix of many different neurotoxins, which can cause anaphylaxis and high rates of pancreatitis. Their habitats mostly range from North Africa to the Middle East; these locations are almost always a desert area. 

FACT 2: 

Scorpions glow. Bioluminescence is the biochemical emission of light, usually seen in fireflies, deep sea creatures, and scorpions. It has been discovered  that scorpions glow under UV light and natural moonlight; this  helps them do  things like  find mates in the dark as well as act like a natural sunscreen.  Some scientists took the exoskeletons of scorpions  to see what other properties they had; they discovered that their bioluminescence  also protects them from various  parasites. 

FACT 3: 

There are scorpions in Canada, but they’re not living where you’d think they would; they live in the southern areas of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia and can reach up to 5 cm long. These scorpions  live under bark, logs, and stones and use their glowing shells to hunt at night.

FACT 4: 

While scorpions are arachnids, they give birth to their young live, not through the form of eggs like the other animals in their species class. Depending on the species, they are born 2-18 months after mating, and some babies even stay with their mothers for up to 2 full years.


Scorpions  control how much or how little venom they release from their stingers. They  only use venom when absolutely necessary, and tend to kill in other ways if they can.

Scorpions are super weird little animals, but they’re also incredibly  interesting! Looking into any creature will lead you to finding some unique  facts;sometimes it even gets you a new favourite animal.  Even the creepy crawlies have cool things that are hardly talked about.


Zelia Piasentin

UWindsor '25

Hi :) My name is Zelia Piasentin and I am a Psychology major at the University of Windsor! I haven't fully decided on my post-grad career, but I want to help others in any way I can. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, painting, and creating letters for my pen pal. I also love camping and going for walks with my dog! You can find me on Instagram @zeliapiasentin, I'm always open to new friends!!