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Being a Woman in STEM is hard, especially when you have to write a thesis. A thesis is easily one of the most dreaded parts of an undergraduate degree, but it doesn’t have to be. 

I recently finished my thesis, and I’ve compiled my top three tips to help you survive your thesis!

1. Write Whatever Part Interests You

When you feel called to a certain section of your paper, run with it! It’s so much easier to write when you feel inspired, rather than writing in whatever order you think you should write in. 

This tip was my saving grace when doing my research. Since my thesis heavily revolved around a literature review, focusing on parts that I found interesting made the whole process much less stressful for me 

2.  Summarize Papers In Paragraphs 

When doing a literature review, summarizing the papers you’ve read as whole paragraphs makes integrating it into your final draft much easier. It also makes sure you won’t forget what your sentences mean, which can sometimes happen when you summarize in point form. Try to keep your summary short, between three and five sentences. 

3. Take a breather when needed

Writing a thesis is stressful! If you feel overwhelmed, take a break. You won’t produce good work when you’re overly stressed, so take a moment, read something you enjoy or watch an episode of your favourite show, and come back to your paper with a fresh mind.

Jaime Nemett

UWindsor '24

Jaime is an undergrad student in Forensics Science with a concentration in Biology at UWindsor. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, music, drawing, and rewatching her favourite TV shows and movies.