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THESE are the TOP FIVE shows you should watch on Netflix.

This is for our binge watchers, our couch potatoes, and our Netflix addicts.

When you have the time in between all of your “new year, new me” resolutions at the gym, studying longer, setting goals, or the what have yous of the world, you need something to watch. Well, I’m here to give you a brief description of five TV Shows on Netflix and why I believe that they are worth checking out when you need something fresh!


Starting out at #5:

The Witcher:



The Witcher is a TV Show currently streaming on Netflix about a mutant killing ,

 monster. “Geralt of Rivia” is about a Witcher whom travel in a land titled “The Continent” (Yes, that is actually the name).


We join Geralt in his journey across the lands as he struggles with his own moral dilemmas and battling all sorts of monsters for a price.


The Witcher is a fantastic choice for if you enjoy fantasy, monsters, drama, a shirtless Henry Cavill (who Geralt is played by, and also the actor for Superman!), and so much more. Not to mention the stunning performance from the beautiful “Anya Chalotra” who co-stars in the Witcher as an upcoming supreme sorceress, “Yennefer of Vengerberg”. 

The Witcher is also a great pick of you ever played the popular video games such as The Witcher 1 and 2, or the latest installment: The Witcher 3: Wildhunt.

However, the TV show is based on the books written by Andrzej Sapkowski, so it’s safe to expect a few differences between the video game and the show.




Crime/Thriller Drama


You is a hit Crime-Fiction/Psychological thriller centered on the main character, Joe Goldberg. We follow Joe on his dark journey as his actions cause a domino effect on the people around him as he searches for “true love”. 

We soon discover that Joe Goldberg is a meticulous, obsessive psychopath who is willing to manipulate, lie, and kill his way to true love. Joe is willing to cross any line to achieve this.


Unlucky for them, it seems that Joe has a hard time ever feeling satisfied with the love he receives and always demands more.



Good Girls:


Good Girls is a Hidden Gem on Netflix, currently flying high with two seasons thus far.


We follow the story of three mothers, Beth, Annie and Ruby, in their day to day lives as the standard, modern day housewife. Ironically, their lives turn sideways when they struggle financially and decide to make a life changing decision when they rob a supermarket in Suburban Michigan. This causes a ripple effect of events that change their lives forever and gets them deeper and deeper into a world of crime that they’re not sure they can escape from. 






“Dracula” is *currently* a Three part series on Netflix, taking a spin to Bram Stoker’s classic tale.

We watch as Dracula ascends into this witty, somehow charming but devilish creature as he ventures from his castle in Transylvania to his voyage to London.

Dracula merely takes inspiration from the books, and the creators mold it into this unique, addicting thriller as we grow attached to the villain of the story and ironically, the main character.

The show is filled with gore, horror, a captivating story, and truly showcases how far special effects have come.



Black Mirror:

Science Fiction/Anthology Series

Black Mirror is a show on Netflix, only comparable to a modern day “Twilight Zone” that explores society in it’s deepest possibilities and gives the viewer the power to see the world as it could be.


Each episode is unique in the sense that there is little to no connection from one to the other, and there are merely references to other episodes. From a nursing home that virtually simulates a reality for the elderly of a town where they can live young forever, to the story of a Prime Minister who is challenged by someone whom has taken a young princess hostage to commit a forsaken act and has mere hours to find the terrorist responsible before time runs out.

Black Mirror is full of episodes that are clearly meant to spark conversation in any social group as your brain is blown away by the very possible ways the world could change.

Noor Jajo

UWindsor '22

Noor is in her second year of university with double majors in psychology and criminology, and double minors in Chemistry and Biology at the University of Windsor. In her spare time she likes to procrastinate by binge watching Netflix shows. Reading, music, and figuring out people is all Noor loves. She wants to pursue a career as a psychiatrist that works in hospitals and jails.
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