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The Best Chic Interior Design Trends for the University Student

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

We’ve all been there. It’s 3 am and you’re staring at your dark room, wondering if that shade of purple was this ugly when you painted your room four years ago. Was that lamp really that cute? Why does this poster seem so out of place? You start thinking about all those picture-perfect rooms and houses you see on Pinterest. They make it look so easy. 

The truth is that the spaces we exist within affect us emotionally and physically. When our rooms and houses are clean, we feel more organized and accomplished. When we like the lamps or bedding we chose, it always makes us feel warm and cozy at the end of a hard day. That’s why it’s so important to cultivate spaces that make us feel like ourselves, recharge our energy, and help us relax — after all, they are our homes. Sometimes, we need redecorations to reach that home-like warmth. Whether you’ve outgrown your old room, apartment or house, or need ideas on how to revamp your space, these retro and chic interior design trends are guaranteed to make your space brighter, happier, and more unique. And, let’s be honest — who doesn’t enjoy buying cute, new items?

Here are the best 10 chic and artsy interior design trends to jump on. 

  1. Organic shaped furniture and items

It’s no secret that all art, in some shape or form, draws inspiration from the natural world. The smooth and rounded features of natural elements add a soft, light character to your space, making it comfortable and also adding uniqueness. Take this organic-shaped lamp and plant vase, for example. As opposed to the hard edges of all-white traditional and modern designs, these organic shapes both add character and soften your space into a welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Succulents and greenery

It’s 2022 and plants are your best friend. Aside from making your space friendly and interesting, they have health benefits as well. They improve productivity (up to 15%), decrease stress, and increase your happiness. Plus, they’re an added reason to open the curtain so you can feel some sun on your face. 

  1. Funky rugs

Who doesn’t love to add an accent piece? Rugs are the easiest and most effective way to add some design and uniqueness to your space without making it seem too chaotic. There are many different designs in rugs and they pull the room together. The texture adds another layer of intrigue — you can choose fuzzy rugs, flat rugs, or ones with tassels. Basically, any crazy print or texture that speaks to you is out there waiting for you to snag it. 

  1. Off-whites and neutral tones

If you’re not into the funky, bright spaces, then why not make your room the comfiest place ever with some soothing off-whites? This is one design that never goes out of style and is always adaptable. As there’s so many different items and styles that come in this off-white and neutral tone, you can spice up your room while making sure your classic furniture and bed sheets never go out of style. Off-whites and neutrals also make spaces seem very calm and welcoming if you want a more relaxed and seamless style. The great attribute about neutral tones is that the lack of colour allows you to experiment more with texture and shape. While you might not be able to use as many interesting or bold textures in a colourful room, you can easily add them to a space unified with neutral colours.

  1. Salt lamps 

Salt lamps and round lamps are simple and effective ways to make your space interesting without too much money or effort. Salt lamps are personally my favourite, since they make spaces seem cozy with soft lights at night. They also look great as unique pieces during the day, adding character to any surface or room.

  1. Fairy lights or hanging lights

Fairy lights immediately make a room more intriguing and work with almost all kinds of styles. Because they are white and minimalist, they can unify rooms while not intruding on your previous style. Additionally, they contribute to interesting and unique lighting at night, rather than relying on a single light source.

  1. Neon signs or art

Neon art is the best way to make a space more unique and to spice up your walls. As neon art has been more popular recently, there are many designs, phrases, and shapes you can buy to put on your wall or rest on your desk. Not only do they make any space more colourful and bright, but they might also make you smile or laugh, as they often have funny or cute designs.

  1. Thrifted or retro vases, catch dishes, and other knick-knacks

While you may be able to find unique and interesting items at Urban Outfitters, one place people often ignore are thrift stores. Oftentimes, you can find intriguing and adorable items that may be just the touch you’re looking for. They add character to your space, and you can feel good about reusing items in a second life.

  1. Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors can both boldly claim your space and provide useful and beneficial elements to your morning routines. Since wall mirrors are usually large, there are many different shapes such as round, square, or framed. While they can draw the eye to the area and make your room interesting, they also create great spots for selfies, makeup routines, or checking your outfits.

  1. Mason jars

Mason jars are affordable and instantly make a space more unique while providing great storage. You can store food, cotton pads, scrunchies, or other items in mason jars that will make your storage systems cuter while not losing any of the functionality. 

While your room may seem boring or dim, these items can quickly and affordably liven any interior up. The most important element in decorating any space is how it makes you feel. As you live, work, and sleep in your apartment or room, you need cute mugs, prints, or even pens that make you feel excited and happy, even when you’re doing work. While material items are not the most important thing in life, it makes me happier when I’m working in a cute room with a fuzzy rug and warm lights. Artists and designers create beautiful items for a reason – so that you can live, work, and sleep in places that make you feel like yourself and boost your energy, creativity and happiness.



I'm an English major at University of Windsor. I enjoy reading, writing and painting. I'm very interested in social justice issues, like climate change, women's rights and sexuality/gender studies.