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Study Spots at Uwindsor

While we all know that studying is important, rarely are we given advice on where to study, which can play a large role in how successful your study sessions are. So today I am going to go through some hot study spots to help you decide where to devote yourself to during the entirety of exam season.

Tim Hortons A Canadian staple, Tim Hortons has food, coffee, and most importantly it has those things cheap. While other coffee shops may be more aesthetic they also come with a much higher price tag making Tim’s a good place for students on a budget to study for practically free (you would be buying that coffee anyway so you might as well have it in). Most Tim Hortons are open 24 hours meaning this is a study spot you can access no matter what hours you keep. The downside is that plugs are often limited and the tables are usually on the smaller side, however if planning to stay up late, or all night, snagging a plug is no problem.

Starbucks Every basic girl and guys favourite coffee spot you are guaranteed a good cup of coffee studying here. Your neighbourhood Starbucks is a great option for those living off of campus who do not want to trek all the way to the University for a bit of studying and usually provides a fair bit of plugs and snack options. Starbucks’s are not just popular amongst students however and you will be competing for tables with high-schoolers, PTA moms, and first dates. With all that traffic this place gets it can also get fairly loud during peak hours, and like Tim Hortons the tables are usually on the smaller side. It does make a refreshing change to study somewhere you actually like being however, and might be a nice change of pace.

Greenbean A fair amount of plugs, a full menu, and most importantly coffee. Green bean café is a great spot close to campus to study alone or with friends. Since it is a coffee shop it will be a bit noisy, with talk and music but if you need a little background buzz to concentrate this will be perfect for you. The main downside to this spot are the hours. Green bean is not a place you can work into the wee hours of the night, but the close proximity of food and drink makes this a good place for a long study session.

Leddy West With large tables and long hours Leddy West is perfect for group study sessions. It is a fairly popular spot and can be a bit crowded however, and with limited plug space. It is the perfect spot if you can find an open seat. As the exam season draws closer to its end availability will increase, so save this study spot in your back pocket for that final final exam.

Leddy Main (quiet floors) Cubicles for privacy and the sweet sound of silence result in the perfect environment for focusing. This may make it sound like the only choice but there are some things to consider. With silence being king it is difficult to get your snack on, and group studying is impossible. I would say this is a good spot for an hour review session or to bang out a take home but you shouldn’t be here for the long haul.

Home Your home will have everything, food, drinks, plugs, and no need for someone to watch your stuff while you pee. You have full control here, however with great power comes great responsibility and you will need to keep on yourself to actually study and not turn your five-minute break to a two hour one.  This may be a good place to start off your study journey while you are motivated to do well, but switch it up as soon as you feel your motivation slipping.



Zoe Parco

UWindsor '19

Before I started writing this I googled "how to write a website bio", and a key piece of advice I picked up was "to be authentic".  However one has to wonder if authenticity is possible when one is trying to be authentic- and in this world of online media, where the selling feature is the supposed authenticity (these are real people like you!) are we really experiencing other peoples lives or a fabricated copy of their realities.  Anyway I'm studying biology and communications at the University of Windsor, my favourite movie is subject to change; although it is currently Trainspotting (1996), and I am a Capricorn.   
Alanna Keren

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Alanna is currently a 1st year student at the University of Windsor pursuing a degree in Education. She graduated from the University of WIndsor with double major in English and French in 2018. She was Co-CC/Editior in Chief of HCUWindsor from 2015-2018 and is now the Tresaurer and Guidance Counsellor. She is a figure skater and loves to get in some extra ice time in her free time. Her favourite animal is a polar bear and her favourite colour is purple. She love sparkles. Her clothing style is girly and kind of dressy. Sparkly make-up and big earrings are a big part of her look. When she is not doing homework, working at her job at Tootsies Shoe Store, coaching figure skating, or writing for Her Campus, she likes decorating cakes and cupcakes and hanging out with friends.