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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

   Need a self-care tip after a night out? Dive in because you’ve arrived at the right article. So you went a little too hard with the cocktails and shots. You call an uber because your manager scheduled you to be at work the next day; you are so inebriated that you text a few of your long distance friends. Your main priority is to get home safely and avoid throwing up in the uber. You arrive home to a messy room after spending hours looking for the ideal outfit for the night. Your makeup is smudged as you glance in the mirror; busting moves with your friends and chugging on cocktails has its consequences. Now your body is tired and needs to be taken good care of. If it’s not properly cared for, your skin can suffer from dryness, and there is the likelihood of a breakout for weeks. Here is a guide on how to take care of yourself after a night out.

             1.Drink lots of water

   Alcohol is a diuretic; therefore, it causes the body to lose water. Dehydration is a direct result of drinking alcohol, and the body needs water to function. While restoring the lost water might not completely heal your hangover, it will help it and make you feel better . Water flushes out toxins and replenishes hydration levels. Pro Tip: refill a water bottle and leave it on your nightstand before you leave for the night so that it is ready for you when you return.

           2. Eat

  It is always advisable to eat before and after a night out because drinking on an empty stomach is never the way to go. Consuming food high in fat and protein can slow down the absorption of alcohol, giving your metabolism more time to flush out and remove it from your body. This will help you not get too drunk too fast, making sure you can stay out longer. Eating  helps the body feel and stay good. 

           3. Cleanse & Exfoliate 

  Uncontrollable breakouts top the list of every woman’s worst nightmares, and they are common after a night out drinking. Start by removing your makeup first with a face cleanser and then make use of an exfoliating scrub. Scrubs  help in making your skin feel soft, smooth, and fresh after a long night. A face mask also absorbs excess oil and pulls toxins from the skin. You can top it off with a facial spray to fight dryness and revitalize tired skin. After all of this and a longer shower, moisturize your face, and use lip oil to make your lips feel juicy and plump. Pro tip: line up your skin care products and accessories before you leave so that this is even easier to complete while drunk.

         4. Sleep

  The final step after a night out is falling asleep. Alcohol has sedative effects that make one feel sleepy. The body needs hours of sleep to be able to function and remain healthy. Sleep deprivation is something you want to avoid, especially when you have to be somewhere the next day. Pro tip: lay out your clothes for the next day (if you have to be somewhere) so that you can sleep in and not have to rush to pick out an outfit the next morning. 

   These are a few self-care tips recommended for taking care of yourself after a night out for overall protection of your skin and body. 

Subomi Aminu

UWindsor '23

Subomi is a graduate from the Communication, Media and Film program at UWindsor. She is a writer and social media team member at hcuwindsor chapter. During her free time, Subomi loves writing poems, cooking and watching documentaries. She plans to go into Marketing and Journalism.