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Resources for Getting Help while Suffering Domestic Violence During COVID-19

This week’s UWindsor Her Campus Chapter’s theme is Classes and COVID. We all know that the only way to be successful in our classes is to be safe and healthy first, something that is not possible while suffering through domestic violence. COVID-19 has isolated us from each other and unfortunately with isolation abuse can thrive. This article seeks to create a place where someone in an abusive relationship can find resources to get help in Ontario. If you are outside of Ontario you can find resources through: 

US: https://ncadv.org/resources 

Canada: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/health-promotion/stop-family-violence/services.html

211 Ontario

211 Ontario has a list of resources for those suffering through abuse. These resources include: Child abuse services, counselling, sexual assault support,  crisis lines, and support programs.

If you are Experiencing Violence: Ontario

The Ontario site provides a list of services across Ontario for all individuals experiencing violence.

Legal Aid Ontario: Domestic Violence

In response to COVID-019 Legal Aid Ontario has temporarily waived all legal and financial eligibility for people in abusive relationships, and currently offers 2 hours worth of free legal advice if you need help right away.

Assaulted Women Hotline

Assaulted Women’s Hotline is a 24/7 crisis telephone line for all women and seniors in Ontario. Call 1-866-863-7868 for support.

Ontario Network of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centres

The Ontario Network of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centres seeks to address the health pyscho-social, and forensic needs of those suffering from domestic and sexual assault. 

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