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I absolutely love nu metal. This genre of music was introduced to me by my dad. We would always listen to it in the car together, and this has given me a special connection to nu metal music. I listen to nu metal while doing my makeup, driving to school, doing my homework, etc. I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favorite nu metal songs below. 

All In The Family (Korn, feat. Fred Durst)

This is more of a silly song where Jonathan Davis (the lead singer of Korn) and Fred Durst (the lead singer of Limp Bizkit) go back and forth insulting each other. This is a fun song, and I love singing along to each part.

Living Dead Girl (Rob Zombie)

This is another fun song. It’s catchy and has a great chorus. I love playing this one on the way home from school and singing along.

Freak on a Leash (Korn)

This is a super popular song. It’s super catchy and the beat is great. Freak on a Leash features Jonathan Davis’ (lead singer) signature “vocal scatting” during the bridge. 

Behind Blue Eyes (Limp Bizkit)

This would be higher on my list, but it is not an original song. Behind Blue Eyes was originally written and performed by an English rock band called “The Who”. Limp Bizkit did a beautiful cover of this song and it’s one of my favorites.

Falling Away from Me (Korn)

This is another super popular song, and for good reason. Fun fact: the world premier for this song was actually on an episode of South Park during a special Halloween episode that featured the band Korn as special guests.

Eat You Alive (Limp Bizkit)

This is more of an angry song. It’s in Limp Bizkit’s classic style of rap metal. It mixes the styles perfectly and is super fun to listen to.

Vermillion pt. 2 (Slipknot)

This is a more emotional and slower version of Slipknot’s Vermillion. This song is romantic and powerful, leaving the listeners  in their feelings.

 Lonely day (System of a Down)

This is a sad song that is sung by the guitarist/second vocalist (Darren Malakain) rather than the band’s lead singer (Serj Tankian). The song is about pushing through and surviving a period of darkness. This song means a lot to me and always makes me feel less alone.

Beware (Deftones)

This song is so good. It’s so catchy and almost transports you to another world. Beware is super catchy and it is almost impossible not to sing along.

Rosemary (Deftones)

Rosemary is my favorite song of all time. This is another emotional and romantic song. When I hear this song, it’s like everything else disappears. The Deftones convey the longing in the song elegantly, which is overall such a beautiful song.

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