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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

Despite Black Lives Matter being a significant social media “movement” last summer, many people have moved on and have not been advocating for this cause as strongly. BLM was never a social media trend, and while many of us may have the privilege to “move on,” Black people continue to face injustice, violence, and disparity on all levels and disciplines. This article includes some petitions that you can quickly sign – every little bit helps. After signing, Change.Org gives you the option to share the petition – do this to reach a larger audience. 

1)    Daunte Wright (2021): 

20-year-old Daunte and father of one was murdered by the police after getting pulled over for air freshener. His body was left in the street for hours. 

2)    Breonna Taylor (2020): 

Breonna, an EMT, was killed after being shot 6 times in her apartment. The police performed an illegal raid, and no one has been held responsible. Breonna’s hopes and dreams were all lost, yet the perpetrators continue to walk free. 

3)    Elijah Weatherspoon (2020): 

Elijah was out for a boat ride with 7 White friends. He never made it home and his body was found on June 28th, 2020. The events surrounding his death lack clarity, and this warrants a proper investigation. 

4)    Willie Simmons (1982): 

He was convicted of 1st-degree robbery and sentenced to life without parole for stealing $9. He spent 38 years in prison and has filed appeals without any legal assistance. This is inhumane, disgusting, and just goes to show how Americans treat Black veterans. It’s also alarming to think that the American judicial system can allow a rapist to walk free, but punish someone for being Black – there clearly are two justice systems. 

5)     Black history in school curriculum

This petition is asking the Ministry of Education of Ontario to update curriculum to include Black history courses and educate students about racial issues. This is an excellent  initiative that will allow students to learn about these important issues earlier on. 

Due to word count restrictions, I was not able to include every important issue. However, each of these links will allow you to learn more about other Black citizens murdered by the police or who need justice to be served. It takes one second to sign, but that can make all the difference in a file being reopened and someone finally getting the accountability they deserve. 

This is an anonymous account hosted by our team mascot, Morty the Monkey. This article was written by a UWindsor student.