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Netflix Brings Gilmore Girls Luke’s Diner To Detroit – Along With Free Coffee!

As you may have heard, on October 5th Netflix transformed over 200 coffee shops in the U.S. and Canada into pop-up Luke’s Diners for the reboot of Gilmore Girls this November. The series premiered its first pilot on October 5th 2000 – exactly 16 years ago. As an obsessed Gilmore Girls fan, I made it my personal mission to find the closest one – which happened to be just across the border in Detroit, Michigan!

After successfully passing through border security we arrived in downtown Detroit. The pop-up Diner location in Detroit was at the Urban Café – a chic little coffee house with a sit down area upstairs.

  The infamous “No cell-phones” signs from the show were posted around the café and we were waited on by charming baristas in Luke’s Diner aprons and logo hats. I may have broken the rules with my cell phone, but this was totally an instagrammable moment.

Here is our barista in action – brewing our coffee to perfection. He was rocking the Luke’s uniform and serving customers in style! Did I mention the coffee was free? Yes, it’s true and a very beautiful thing.

Coffee was poured into signature Luke’s Diner cups with logo cover sleeves – each cup had a coffee related quote from the one and only Lorelei Gilmore along with a snapchat code to unlock an hour long secret snap filter.

The premiere of Netflix’s new season of Gilmore Girls “A year in the life” will be released on November 25th – so enjoy that cup of coffee and save the date. Re-watch as many episodes as humanly possible until the return of the Stars Hallow’s favourite mother daughter duo!

Melanie Renaud is a second year Digital Journalism and Communications, Media & Film double major student at the University of Windsor. 
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