My Top 10 Fashion Tips

I love fashion, and through my years I’ve learned a thing or two about it. Compiled below is a list of fashion tips I live by in my daily life:


1. Black does not go with everything.

In my experience, black does not go with anything and everything. I find that you usually can’t put a solid black item with an outfit unless there is already black in the outfit somewhere. It feels incomplete and looks out of place.


2. Always read the washing instructions and what it’s made of

Far too many times has something I own shrunk or got ruined by me not reading the care instructions. Always read them! Also a side note:  if it says hand wash only, it’s not worth it unless you’ve got the time!


3. Choose quality over quantity

You can either buy one or two well-made items that may last a lifetime (provided you read the care instructions), or you can buy 5 poorly made items that need to be replaced in a year. It may be more expensive, but it’s worth it in the long run. Not only that but buying those cheap garments encourages the fast fashion industry, and that isn’t something to be encouraged.


4. Comfort is key!

It’s cool to experiment. That’s what fashion is all about! However, don’t feel the need to step too far out of your comfort zone. Wearing something physically uncomfortable or something you wouldn’t normally wear is very noticeable. You may give off the wrong impression. Forget the trends and wear what feels right to you.


5. Don’t feel trapped in defining your personal style.

I know I don’t! I wear what I feel like wearing. Some days that may be sporty, other days casual and comfy, or some days super chic. I dress depending on my mood.


6. Dresses and Rompers are the easiest

Just throw one on with a pair of shoes and your good to go! They’re good for casual or dressy events and can work in all seasons. They really are the best.


7. Never underestimate a plain white t-shirt

This is the number one staple that everyone, male and female, should have in their wardrobe. You can do everything with a white t-shirt: dress it up or dress it down.


8. Just because something looks good on you doesn’t mean you should buy it

One major oopsy people make is thinking that just because something looks good on them means they need it in their wardrobe. No! Always ask yourself, “Yes this looks good, but what would I wear it with? Would I wear it all?” If not, it’s just wasted money and space.


9. A belt can be your best friend

Adding a patterned, colourful, or textured belt is an instant way to tie together your outfit. Basic pieces work cohesively using that belt as an anchor.


10. Always have fun

If you like what you’re wearing you’ll feel confident. Have fun with your wardrobe and build the one you love!


For a more definitive way to build your ideal wardrobe check out Dallas Shaw’s book The Way She Wears It.