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Crocheting is a type of art medium that is becoming popular among young adults and teens. I was
introduced to crocheting in high school, where one of my teachers held crocheting sessions during lunch break. Excited to learn a new skill, I had bought the materials needed for crocheting, which was just a
crochet hook and some yarn. I attended some of the sessions but was unsuccessful. I got frustrated when I
couldn’t get a grasp of it. As a result, I stopped learning how to crochet and tucked the materials aside
where they remained untouched in the back of my closet.
Fast forward to the pandemic where everyone was stuck in lockdown and had all the time in the world to
do whatever they wanted. People started to do at-home workouts, learn how to cook and bake, or catch up
on some TV shows they have been putting off for some time now. Well as a crafty person, I decided to
give crocheting another try. Taking the crochet materials out of retirement, I googled crocheting tutorials
for beginners and kept practicing until I was successful enough to make something. The first thing I made
was a crochet pencil pouch for a friend of mine. Eventually, I got better with practice and have made
many things, like doilies, bookmarks, little plushies, and even scarves and cat hats. I even learned how to
read crocheting patterns in both written and diagram forms. Something that had once frustrated me had
turned into a passion of mine that I enjoy doing in my spare time
A work in progress for myself would be to open a crochet account where I share the projects I have made
along with the free crocheting patterns used to make them, so others can make it themselves if they are
interested. Crocheting can be an expensive craft due to the amount of yarn needed for some projects, so I
encourage the use of free crochet patterns. However, if you can afford it, buying patterns from small
textile artists is a way to support fellow crafters while obtaining a pattern that you will enjoy. The idea of
the crochet account would allow people to discover and try out free patterns made by other creators.
However, I have yet to invest time into the crochet account, but I would still like to make it work in the
future. I would also like to learn how to knit and many other crafts…but that’s for another day.

Hi I'm Nicole! I've been a Social Media member for the Her Campus at UWindsor since 2022 and I am also the Director of Marketing for the Women In Engineering chapter. I am a proud Filipina who is currently studying environmental engineering at the University of Windsor. In my free time, I enjoy surfing the web, watching movies, baking, kpop, and crocheting (and sleeping zzz…)