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My Best Purchases

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In the age of SHEIN hauls and overconsumption, I always find it a bit outrageous to spend so much on something that either won’t last long or that people won’t get a lot of use from . I’ve made my fair share of unwise purchases just because it was trendy or cheap, but there have been some things that I’ve bought that I don’t regret buying.

Music App Subscription

As a music lover, a Spotify subscription is possibly the best thing I’ve ever gotten. Not only does it have a large range of music from a variety of artists, but it has also started adding podcasts and audiobooks into its collection. I listen to music all the time, and it’s part of my nightly ritual to listen to music before I fall asleep. Besides that, I listen to music to soothe my social anxiety, and it’s helped me a lot in not breaking down and panicking in public. I’ve also started utilizing Spotify’s podcasts more, and I listen to some interesting ones while I’m doing chores. While I’m aware it does have audiobooks, I don’t listen to them because I’m not much of an audiobook listener. However, the monthly subscription is still totally worth my money for the purposes that I am using them for. There are other music subscriptions out there that’re probably worth the money as well, but I’ve just always used Spotify because it’s convenient.

A Good Pillow

I have chronic pain that is mostly centered around my neck and back, so having a good pillow that works for me is crucial. When I was younger, I used to not care about what pillow I used to sleep on, and it wouldn’t impact me at all. But as I started to become an old lady, I started waking up all stiff, and I would constantly wake up during the night from discomfort and pain. Once I changed my pillow to one that suited me, my quality of sleep was so much better, and I could sleep throughout the night without waking. I have been so amazed and attached to this pillow that I smuggled it in my luggage for my move to Canada. So if you have troubles with your sleep, maybe a good pillow could help.

Reusable Thermal Bottle

The concept of paying for water just doesn’t sit right with me. That’s basically the peak of capitalism and daylight robbery, and so I always carry a water bottle wherever I go so that I can refill it. It’s been a habit of mine to always bring my bottle out, to the point where my friends call it my “plus one”. I prefer using a thermal water bottle because I like carrying hot drinks, and Canada’s winter doesn’t let them stay hot on their own. Thermal bottles are relatively inexpensive compared to their prices a few years ago, and I find it completely worth it for me to have one.

IPad and Apple Pencil

Before I transferred to UWindsor, I never really understood why so many college students had IPads. People were handwriting notes on their IPads and that was something you could do on paper for much cheaper. Besides, you could use your laptop if you wanted to type. Once I started studying in UWindsor, I finally understood the hype. During my first semester, I tried really hard to study and do my notes the way I usually do: writing them down on paper. On the contrary, many of the school textbooks were online and it was really hard for me to read them on my laptop. I always studied better with handwritten notes, but I couldn’t do that on my laptop, and so I wasn’t studying as efficiently. When I finally caved into capitalism, it made my studying life a lot easier and better. Also, my IPad doubles as my TV here in the dorms which is more convenient than my laptop and doesn’t strain my eyes as much as my tiny phone screen does.


Like I said in the first point, I really like listening to music. Problem is, I’ve always been too shy and awkward to play my music out loud even when I’m alone. My ears are also weirdly picky about what earphones I use, and they will reject any earphones with soft ear padding. So, earphones have been essential and a godsend to me. I’ve always been quite frugal and don’t like to spend money on myself, but I’ve been learning to let that mentality go. Sometimes the more expensive option is more sustainable and worth it, and if I can save up the money to buy it, then I should.

For this year, I’m trying to be more financially responsible and trying to make my purchasing habits as sustainable and reasonable as possible. Though, the occasional splurge might not harm anyone ;)

Overall, I think that making big purchases requires you to see the long term and learn what are the essential items for you. This is my list of things I’ve gotten that I don’t regret buying, but it doesn’t mean that this applies to everyone. 

Daphne Chen

UWindsor '23

Daphne is majoring in International Relations and Development Studies with an Economics minor in UWindsor. Her hobbies include painting, reading, writing, and learning about niche topics among other things. She hopes to one day be able to make a small difference in this world, but she doesn’t know when, what, and how.
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