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Whether you’re an avid podcast listener, or just getting into them for the first time, October is the perfect time to get into the Halloween spirit and check out all the spooky, paranormal and true crime podcasts that are at your fingertips. So grab a fall drink, light a candle and get comfy. Here are my go-to podcasts that are perfect for mid-to-late October to get you in a spooky mood:

  1. Unsolicited Advice

If you’re looking for a podcast that is entertaining, lighthearted and a little less spine-tingling than a few of the others on this list, then this is the one for you. October is the perfect time to listen to this podcast in particular as hosts, Ashley Nicole and Taryne Renee, have introduced an October series over the last few years since starting their podcast in 2019. The October series is centred around eerie real-life stories that their listeners have written in, and is a lot different from their usual dad-joke, advice filled content that you can find during the rest of the year. Ashley and Taryne are two of my favourite podcasts hosts of all time, and I truly can never get enough of their October series when it comes around each year. With that in mind, you can always subscribe to their Supercast to get bonus episodes each week and satisfy all your scary-story needs. 

  1. Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie is one of the most highly rated true-crime podcasts of all time – and for good reason. Hosted by Ashley Flowers alongside Brit Prawat, this weekly discussion-based podcast is easy to get into and features some of the most compelling cases in recent years. It is evident that a lot of research is put into each and every episode, as they are easy to follow and formatted methodically. This podcast stands out from a plethora of other true-crime podcasts as it is centred on the victim and getting their story out there, rather than for entertainment purposes. Ashley and Brit genuinely care about every person they talk about in their episodes, and do everything in their power to get them the justice they deserve. 

  1. Killer Instinct

Hosted by Savannah Brymer, “Killer Instinct” is a true-crime podcast that sheds light on some of the most vicious cases of all time. Every Wednesday, Savannah releases a highly researched, detailed episode in an attempt to bring justice to the victims and their families and share as much information as she can about the crime that occurred. She also uploads a video version of her podcast onto YouTube, and includes a few photos throughout the video to get the victim’s face out there, including anything else that may be especially useful in solving the unsolved cases she frequently covers. 

  1. Full Body Chills

When it comes to “Full Body Chills”, the name speaks for itself. Another podcast by Ashley Flowers, this series includes original spooky campfire tales and ghost stories that are sure to give you goosebumps. Most of the episodes range from ten to thirty minutes, and are usually hosted by voice actors that put their own swing on things and make the episode that much more chilling. 

5. Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

If you’re someone that loves conspiracy theories, going down rabbit holes, and all things supernatural, then this one’s for you. This podcast covers true crime’s most bizarre occurrences, and dives deep into strange mysteries that may make you feel uneasy, perturbed or maybe even baffled. Many of the episodes feature cases from decades, and even centuries ago. Ashley does a great job of getting into the nitty-gritty details of each and every case she covers. 

Julia Rubino

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