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While I can appreciate a diverse range of movies and movie genres, I often find myself returning to a select few that I think are the best to come from cinema. Here are these movies that I personally think are the best for binge-rewatching! 

The Sound of music:

The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews, is one of my all-time favourite movies to sit back and rewatch! Anyone who knows me knows I adore period pieces, and this one definitely does it. This 1965 musical drama has a special place in my heart, from its beautiful romance to its powerful demonstration of the events that lead to World War Two. The Von Trapp family’s escape to Switzerland during the Anschluss was my first introduction to World War Two as a kid, so I look back on this movie remembering that serious sentiment as well. Moreover, the songs and soundtrack are phenomenal in this production and really bring out the feeling of the movie. My personal favourites are “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” and “My Favourite Things”, but there are lots of great ones to pick from! If you enjoy a sweet historical romance, The Sound of Music is definitely for you! 

the Princess Bride:

I absolutely adore The Princess Bride, and that will never stop! The 1987 fantasy adventure will always have a place in my heart. From true love, to swashbuckling pirates, to climactic revenge, The Princess Bride quite literally has everything! The movie is also very comedic, so I find it very fun to watch with family and friends. One of the all-time best scenes from this movie is the face-off between Inigo and the sadistic, six-fingered Count Rugen, who killed Inigo’s father. I always find myself more invested in this than the main plot, simply by how much I root for him! I also think every young girl needs to watch this movie at least once, since Cary Elwes’ performance as Westley was what ignited my first ever movie crush. All in all, The Princess Bride is a classic that I’ll never give up! 

The Batman:

I will admit, I am guilty of being a Robert Pattinson fangirl. The Twilight Saga changed me forever, so I pretty much had to be a fan of this movie! The Batman, starring Pattinson, ended up completely surpassing my expectations for a Batman movie releasing in this day and age. I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it, especially since I’m not a huge DC fan! I also really enjoyed Zoe Kravitz’s performance of Catwoman and Paul Dano’s performance of the Riddler, so DC can rest assured that I will be purchasing tickets for when the sequel comes out in 2026! I never find myself bored when watching this movie, which is why I keep coming back to it even years after its release! 

In short, I do value and watch a vast range of movies, but these are just a handful that I will always rewatch, by virtue of how much I love them! I greatly recommend these for anyone looking for movie recommendations!

Jasmine Fric

UWindsor '27

Jasmine Fric is a first-year Biomedical Sciences student at University of Windsor who enjoys reading, writing, and drawing various pieces whenever she's inspired. Jasmine loves to apply herself to a wide range of activities, such as volunteering, tutoring, and doing mini research projects. In her free time, you can usually find her nose-deep in a good book that she's probably read before.