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Meet the Member Monday — Hi, I’m Fatima!

Welcome back!

This week I have the honour of introducing you to Fatima who is currently in her third year double-majoring in Biology and Psychology (with thesis). Here is a little message straight from the source herself about her role here: “Hey everyone! I am a writer and a social media executive for Her Campus. I have been a part of this lovely chapter for over a year. I am not the most interesting member, but I definitely have a lot of fun stories and life-tips to give y’all.”



At this point, I’m sure you know the drill:


What brought you to HC UWindsor?

During my first year, I decided to get involved, on campus, and I signed up for a couple of clubs. I wanted to join clubs that were not strictly science-based. HC checked all the boxes and I am loving the experience.


What do you do for HC UWindsor?

I am a writer, but I will also be a marketing team executive for the 2018-2019 year.  


What is your favourite colour?

It depends..

My favorite color (presently) is yellow and that is entirely due to the summer-y vibes that it gives off. During the winter time I like maroon.  


Tell us three fun facts about yourself!

I have owned over 15 parrots in my life (so far!), I am a very firm believer in karma, and I like to dance my stress away.


What is your favourite quote?

“One thing about them tables…they always turn.”


What is your best advice for fellow students?

Always put your best foot forward and ultimately understand that you did your absolute best. Do not belittle yourself, be harsh on yourself, or compare yourself to other people who may be “succeeding.” Everyone’s entirely different (plus you don’t see what’s beneath the surface; the people excelling might just be making it all up).  


What career do you hope to have once you graduate?

I am aspiring to go into medicine once I graduate.


I look forward to interacting with all of you and I would like to welcome you to the HC family!


Fatima is a valuable member of our group and we are so happy to see her in this new role!  Don’t forget to come back next week! Same day, same time. You won’t want to miss meeting our next member!


Amy N

UWindsor '21

Amy is a University of Windsor alumni. She loves to read, write, dance, eat chocolate, and organize anything she can get her hands on. Being bilingual, she developed a love for languages at a very young age. 
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