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Meet Ashley Doung!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my best friends, Ashley Doung! Ashley is a third year student majoring in Family and Social Relations and is truly one of the many leaders on our UWindsor campus. This summer, she is embarking a mission trip to Kenya to do some amazing work to create a positive change in the world. To raise awareness about her intiative, I thought it would be a great idea to get to know her better and be a part of her journey.

How would you describe yourself?

Well, I would say that I’m passionate, ambitious, and determined. I’m extremely passionate about helping others locally and globally and determined to provide the fundamental necessities of life for those who need it most. I enjoy creating change in my community, so I’m very volunteer-driven.

Are you involved on campus?

Yes I am involved in some initiatives on campus. I am currently the Vice-President of WE Charity and the President of Campus Cursive. I am also involved in Young Liberals and participate in various school activities such as Celebration of Nations and charitable galas.

How did you hear about We Charity?

During Club’s week of first year, I was interested in joining the University chapter of WE Charity. So, at the very first meeting, the Presidents at the time, motivated me to take part of the club, in which I became the Advertising Executive. After attending WE Day back in October of 2015, I was captivated and inspired to create change and integrated myself to become more involved in my community as well as WE Charity.

What motivated you to sign up for a Me to We trip?

Going back to attending my first WE Day event, I was inspired by all the amazing stories of volunteering abroad. Ever since I was in grade nine, I always wanted to embark on a mission trip to Kenya, however, back in high school it was difficult for me to find a platform to travel with. Thus, when Me to We offered a volunteer trip to Kenya, I was motivated to create sustainable and positive change.

What kind of work will you be doing in Kenya?

I will be working with local community members and other volunteers on projects that contribute to one or more of the five pillars of impacts, which are education, clean water and sanitation, health, agriculture and food security, and income and livelihood. I am going to help build new classrooms, create sustainable changes, and immerse myself within my assigned community doing water walks, beading with the Mamas, and training with a Maasai Warrior.

When are you leaving for your trip?

I will be embarking on my journey on May 7th, 2017!

Do you have a web page for a donations to help you fundraise?

Yes I do! It’s https://www.crowdrise.com/kenya-uni-1-ca-2017/fundraiser/ashleydoung.

Gursimran is a fourth year student at the University of Windsor pursing a BSc in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology. Gursimran spends much of her free time volunteering in her community, spending time with family and friends, travelling and writing for her personal blog. She aspires to be a lawyer and eventually dive into the world of Canadian politics. Gursimran is passionate about human rights and bringing positive change to the world. She is an active citizen and aims to inspire and empower the youth to get engaged in global issues and be young drivers of change. Follow Gursimran on Instagram and make sure to check out her blog, Sincerely Simran!