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To those who love reading, a bookstore is a magical land you could visit for hours. Walking through walls of books is always a dream. Well, what if I told you that Windsor was a treasure trove of local bookstores with access to popular titles as well as rare editions and uncommon reads; anything you can find at Indigo you can find at these stores, and if they don’t have it in stock most will order it in for you! 

I am a bookworm who loves supporting local, so these local bookstores are a dream come true! 


Perhaps my favourite bookstore in Windsor is Biblioasis. Located in the heart of Walkerville, it is deceptively tiny. When you walk in you are greeted by tables of books published by local authors, popular titles, and Biblioasis staff recommendations. Biblioasis is not only a bookstore, but also a literary press/publisher that publishes between 20 to 30 books a year. This is how they get such a great selection of local author content. Past the main area into a secret back room is their collection of used books! Here you can find popular titles at a reduced price, as well as old, rare, and limited print books that you can’t find anywhere else! 

Juniper Books 

Juniper Books sells  used and rare books. With books organized into genre by room, you can easily find used popular titles at a much cheaper price as well as original copies and uncommon books . Browse the horror genre room for a giant selection of Stephen King and classic horror. You can also  view their large collection of rare books in all genres. They even have a discount room with over 5000 books. Packed to the ceiling with books, Juniper Books has a great atmosphere and is perfect for a booklover looking for used books to add to their collection! 

River Bookshop

The River Bookshop is a bookshop in Amherstburg located along the Detroit River. They are not only a bookstore but a hub of local culture. They have weekly events, from book panel discussions to poetry readings and local author fairs. It’s a cute little store in a gorgeous location. Whether you’re going to shop or to participate in one of their events, the River Bookshop is a great place to spend your time! 

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