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Kid-like Activities That Are Still Fun For Adults

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.


Recently, my friends and I went to Springz, a place where you can go jump on trampolines. When I first walked in, honestly, I felt a bit awkward. So many little kids running around and part of 20-year-old me wanted to hide. But my urge to jump on a trampoline took over and so we ran to the trampolines. A half hour later, I was so happy that I had made the trip to a trampoline park. Trampolines clearly don’t discriminate. All ages are welcome and it also happens to be great exercise.



As a kid, you don’t want to get out of the tub. You’re playing with your floating ships and surrounded by bubbles, so why would you want to leave? Well, with a few upgrades, baths can be just as fun! Turn on some music, light a candle, throw in a bath bomb and BAM! You’ve got a great bath experience! Don’t get me wrong – you can still play with bath toys, but personally, I would recommend accompanying your bath with some wine.



Adult colouring books have become all the rage here in North America. Remember when you used to colour a masterpiece and your parents would proudly hang it on the fridge? This can still happen! These colouring books have some beautiful designs that could suit any kind of living arrangement. Plus, it’s been proven that colouring is a great way to calm down if you’re feeling stressed or anxious.


Making up songs

While the topics may have changed, you can still make some top-notch music. The positive thing about being a kid and making up a song is that it’s so cute that nobody cares if it’s not of the best quality. But as an adult, it’s a great way to get your feelings out on paper. With new technology and instruments at our fingertips, we can do just as great of a job of making music.


Being in the great outdoors

Sending your child outside is great for a parent’s sanity as well as for their development, so it’s no surprise that they spend so much time outdoors (at least my generation did). So why are we always staying inside? Get outside and enjoy some fresh air! Go for a hike, sit and soak up the sun, or play some soccer. Whatever it is – do it in the great outdoors. You’ll enjoy the health benefits as well as several different possible activities that will keep you busy and entertained.


So, go ahead. Let yourself be a kid again for a little while. Clearly, they got something right. Kids are just so good at knowing how to have fun. Let’s take a page out of their book.