Incorporating the Arts into your Premed Routine

As a premedical student, you are typically required to take more science-based courses to meet your degree requirements. This can mean not being exposed to the Arts and Humanities unless you choose an elective in this field in your undergrad. For a lot of us, we may have misconceptions about the Arts and what those courses entail or even ways that we can get involved with the Arts. You might be scared to even take an Arts course, fearing a downward trend for your GPA or that you might not “fit in.” However, these are only misconceptions! The Arts are a great asset to your premed education; incorporating them into your routine or educational career can lead to a more well-rounded education, and you might even gain a new hobby. 


You can get involved in the Arts by joining clubs focused on campus. There are clubs on campus that are all about painting, exploring literature, and other fun activities. Not only will these activities allow you to get involved with the Arts, but you will also gain experience with an extracurricular activity that most other premeds will lack (and it looks good on a resume or transcript!). This can be of tremendous value even for an application. One club that is great to join is the “Crafting for a Cure” club which is all about showcasing your artistic abilities and making cards for patients at the hospital. This can be a rewarding activity, since you get to network with peers, make cards (all artists are welcome!), and contribute to a great cause. 


Next, you should take THAT course! If you’re scared of ruining your GPA or about getting a grade that does not meet your expectations – do it anyways. It is important to step outside of your comfort zone, and taking a nontraditional course will do just that! Courses offered at the University of Windsor include Greek Prose (GRST 2110), Writing Creatively (ENGL 1006), and even Women and Literature (ENGL 1289). Take a break from Organic Chemistry and Cell Biology and challenge yourself. Besides stepping outside of your comfort zone, you are also able to explore areas within the Arts that may be of interest to you – you might even spark a new passion! Put on your explorer hats and look up interesting courses for next year, or even next semester (if there are still spots available). 


Lastly, if you are looking for a fun night out, check out the Detroit Institute of Arts or even the Museum of Contemporary Art! Not only will this be a fun break from exams and the stresses associated with academia, but you will be able to experience the creativity, passion, and hard work all these remarkable individuals put into their pieces of art. Grab a couple of friends and spend a few hours strolling around appreciating the art. This fun outing could also spark your passion of trying a new hobby or a course pertaining to the arts. Lastly, always remember, as a premed student you can always challenge and push yourself into trying something new! Happy art-appreciation premeds!