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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

With the many restrictions we’ve had to face with COVID-19 the last couple of years, our daily routines may  not be the same. Instead of having to wake up early to go to campus, we just simply  roll out of bed and  turn our computer screens on. Some of us were laid off from work, while others had the opportunity to work  from  home. Those who were able to  go to work found themselves to be less busy than  they were before.

Speaking from personal experience, with school being online, I sometimes found  it difficult to stay focused. At home you are in  your comfort zone. It is a place  where you can relax, so watching lectures and doing schoolwork is the last thing you want to do!  With a pandemic, professors are not able to be as involved. It is so much easier for them to post the lectures and keep the classes asynchronous. Keeping up with an online class requires  a lot of independence and it is easy for students to fall behind.

As we are not following a set routine and do not have to actually leave the house most days, it can be  hard to stay motivated to complete all our tasks. But fear not, I have some advice that will help  keep us on track!

  1. Keep an agenda

One of the best things I did this year was buy  an agenda. In my agenda, I am able to make a list of each thing that I wanted to get done for that day. As I completed a task, I would check it off. This allowed me to stay organized and helped  to keep track of what I needed to get done.

2. Surround yourself with others

It can be very hard to stay motivated and productive when you are on your own. If you have friends in your class or friends that just need to study, you can use each other for support. Having someone who can keep you accountable to complete assignments is a huge help. For example, if you were alone, you would get distracted to go on social media. But with your friend studying with you, they can remind you that your work needs to be completed first.

3. Create a schedule

This schedule is most effective if you have an agenda. In the agenda I bought, there was a calendar for each month. I would include all major  projects and assignments I had  due in that month, as well as my work schedule and other commitments. This helped  me visualize how my month is going to go and how I should manage my time. By having this schedule, I was then able to create my daily to-do lists that helped me to stay on track.

4. Reach out to your professors

With the greater majority of classes being online, it is very difficult to create connections with your professors and get the help you need to succeed. Many  courses provide online office hours, but it’s not always easy because you might have work, another class, or just completely forget to attend. You might even find it a little strange to speak to your professor through a screen. With  in-person classes, you didn’t necessarily have to go to their office, but instead you would just stay after class. This was super convenient because you would remember exactly what you wanted to ask for that lecture. Since class  is all online now, you might find it helpful to  send your professor an email that includes all your questions.  Most of the time, they will answer your question in an email, but if the answer is too long, they might  ask for a time  when  you are available for a virtual meeting. This is almost better than in person classes because it allows for flexibility with the student and professor. 

5. Have a goal

It is important to set a goal for yourself! This goal could be as small as completing all your assignments on time or as big as reaching your dream career. You could have weekly goals that lead up to your one big goal. To keep track of this, I suggest writing whatever your goal may be on a sticky note and keep it somewhere you will see it often. So, when you’re feeling like you don’t want to do anything or just unmotivated to complete your tasks, take a look at your goal.

The most important thing to remember is to not be so hard on yourself. You are not the only one! So many people are having a hard time staying motivated because of the state that the world is currently in. There are many people and resources available  to help you out, and I hope these  tips can help you out as well!

Olivia Stanco

UWindsor '23

Hello my name is Olivia! I hope you love reading my articles just as much as I love writing them.