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How to Throw a Summer Party for the #SQUAD

School’s almost out, and we’re almost done! You’re closer to seeing your friends and to summer vacation. Now’s the ideal time to start planning a summer party to bring your squad together and kick your summer off right. Here are some hot tips for planning the perfect day:


1)    Pineapples: Buy a ton of pineapples and cut out the middle of the pineapple so that it resembles a cup. You can cut the pineapple into two parts to get two bowls to serve pina coladas or your favourite drinks in. Not only will this add a fruity twist to the drink, but it’ll also look hella cute in pictures.


2)    A backyard or park: The party is best outside. Choose a day when the weather is pleasant – not too hot. There should be a light breeze so everyone feels refreshed and in the spirit to party. Make sure there is enough mosquito repellent and sunscreen for your guests. Mow the lawn and break out the picnic blankets!


3)    Photo Booth: There are tons of photo booths that are super easy to DIY. Your backdrop can be something against two trees, or even along a fence or wall nearby. You can use leaves or buy props from Party City. Create a fun snapchat filter or use a hashtag to make your pictures pop. This is essential for the ultimate summer party.


4)    Food and drinks: What’s a party without the food and the drinks? You could get food catered to the party, or have a potluck. Grab a few fruit trays from your supermarket for light refreshments. The main course could be sandwiches, or anything neat to eat outside. The drinks have to be fun – especially since you’re using hollow pineapples to serve drinks. If your guests don’t drink, try smoothies!


5)    Entertainment: What’s a party without the entertainment? Make sure you have the music going, or a round of Cards Against Humanity. You can have a dance-off (being mindful of those neighbours) or limbo contest. Whatever entertainment you decide on, make sure the weather’s appropriate and everyone’s having fun.


I hope your party is super lit, fun, and brings the squad in for the ultimate summer memory. It’s the ideal way to kick off your summer, and it’ll be just what everyone needs after exams. Happy summer!


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