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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

Being in my fourth year is completely different from the previous three years of my university experience. It feels bittersweet because it is my last year. In some ways, I feel like this is my first real year on campus; the COVID-19 pandemic altered my university experience for the first three years. With a summary of how I’m feeling and what I’m looking forward to.

  • Feelings of Excitement and Fear

I am excited for the new year because that means new experiences. I am excited to meet new people and experience more of what my campus has to offer me. For example, campus has the career involvement fair, bake sales, and even pop-up vintage shopping vendors. I also feel fearful because it is my last year. I feel the anxiety of my looming graduation and the sadness of not returning to university again afterwards.

  • Stepping out of my Comfort Zone

This semester I have jumped out of my comfort zone and joined new clubs on campus. I am excited for the new articles I will write and what I’ll read from the other writers. My HC contribution this year is hosting team bonding events, which I am so excited for. I have also joined the psychology student’s association.

  • Taking classes I enjoy

Taking classes you enjoy makes the university experience more bearable. For example, I am not dreading the class when I am learning therefore I am more fascinated by the content that is being displayed. 

  • Saying Hi to Your Student Neighbour

University for me is an already socially awkward place. It’s almost an overwhelming feeling because the campus is full and there are tons of new faces. To make this more bearable, I am making the effort to talk to the person beside me in each lecture. I like to think that the person beside you is feeling the same way you are. Plus, meeting new people in classes makes me feel more at ease and more comfortable within the class.

Hi everyone, Madison Traquair (Maddy) is one of the writers here at Her Campus UWindsor. Maddy is responsible for writing biweekly articles for her chapter. Prior to joining HC, Maddy was (and still is) a full-time student studying at the University of Windsor.Maddy loves to write about her life as a student, selfcare, movies, and entertainment. Maddy is also involved with the psychology student’s association (PSA). In the PSA, Maddy is the financial coordinator, meaning that she is responsible for direct deposits and the club’s money management/ funds. Beyond Her Campus involvement, Maddy works in landscaping and nannying children. She loves to devote her time towards helping children and putting a smile on their faces. Currently, Maddy is a senior at the University of Windsor, studying full time honours sociology with a minor in psychology and geography. In her free time, Maddy loves being outside and staying active. She loves spending her free time rollerblading, running, and going to the gym. Maddy also has an artistic side. She loves to paint and draw, specifically fashion designs. Maddy also likes to prioritize her mental health by doing selfcare. You can find Maddy around being a social butterfly, always meeting new people and hanging out with her friends. Maddy is always down for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying new things.