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Prioritizing self-care between studying

If you’re someone who can’t study for long periods of time, incorporating self-care makes me stay mentally sane. For example, I will study for one of my psychology classes for two hours, and then go outside for a walk. I like the idea of doing physical activity after studying, which helps my brain process information quickly.

Changing up your studying style

For each class, I have a different study method. For my psychology class, I use  Q-cards for key terms. My other psychology class involves drawing pictures of the brain. My theory classes consist of the traditional ways of taking notes on the computer.

Changing up my notes style allows me to not get bored of having the same studying format. Having the same note styles can make learning repetitive and boring. This diversity allows me to be productive and engaged in my learning.

Studying with friends

 Studying with friends allows for fun socialization and sharing concepts we might not understand. But don’t get me wrong, studying doesn’t always happen; going to Starbucks for laughs and giggles normally happens. Which is why it is important to stay on track.

Holding yourself accountable

Setting goals for the day is essential, especially for me when studying. Setting mini goals for yourself throughout the day also helps you not feel overwhelmed. A mini goal for me today is to finish my Q cards for one of my psychology classes. Setting bigger goals for myself in one day makes me feel overwhelmed.

Rest days

Rest days are essential for me to not get burnt out. I am working on not feeling guilty for taking a rest day. My brain loves to tell me that rest days make me fall behind, but I find they only make me more productive. Rest days help me not to get overwhelmed and burn out.

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