Have Yourself an Eco Friendly Christmas

Have Yourself an Environmentally Friendly Christmas


Christmas music is on the radio and secret Santa groups have been organized, which means it’s officially time to begin your Christmas shopping. This holiday season, consider buying your gifts used and giving the gift of green! Reusing items is one of the most accessible and best environmental practices to adapt. Not only do you save money, but you save countless resources. If buying gently used items seems like a good idea, but you’re a little lost on how to check off those boxes on your Christmas list, then have no fear! Here is a list of stores I’ve purchased Christmas gifts at this year, and you can too.


Dr. Disc

My best friend has a very impressive record collection, so I could think of no better gift for her then some new additions to her collection. The second floor of Dr. Disc is dedicated to used records, including full LPs and $1 singles. For under $20, I was able to get her 4 singles and 2 LPs. Dr. Disc also sells used DVDs, CDs, and music memorabilia, making it the perfect spot for any music aficionados on your list.


Game Cycle

Another one of my friends and I love breaking out the original Nintendo DS around the holidays for some relaxing gaming. Knowing our seasonal gaming is something of a tradition, I decided a ‘new’ DS game would be the perfect gift. With two locations in the city, Game Cycle seemed like the perfect place to check out. They had a huge selection of games for a variety of systems, as well as some classic gaming systems (I came very close to buying a Nintendo 64). While any gamers on your list can probably expect to get the newest releases under their tree, a classic game is a fun way to rediscover an old system, or old memories from gaming together.


Juniper Books

This used bookstore has a wide selection of novels for all of the bookworms on your list. I managed to scoop a couple of gifts here, but Windsor has a great selection of used bookstores, and all are worth checking out. You can always look for something on your friends reading list, or find a unique/beautiful publication of one of their favourite books.


Pawn Shop

Every time I check out Avenue Pawn shop by the university, it is loaded with radios, power tools, instruments, jewelry, and more. You may not find exactly what you’re looking for, but I think it’s worth checking out. For example, if you have a friend who plays the guitar, you could easily find pedals and amps at a pawn shop.



If physical shopping isn’t your scene, you can easily buy used items online by checking out Kijiji or Ebay. Have gently used items delivered right to your door, or scan the local ads and go pick up the item yourself. Kijiji is much easier to navigate than your local thrift store or pawn shop. Instead of driving all across the city and digging through piles of stuff, your next great find is just a click away.


It may seem like a bit of a taboo to give a gift that isn’t fresh out of the package (at least, it was for me) but once you get over that mental hurdle you start to see used gift inspiration everywhere. It’s a great way to save the planet and your pocket, and if it is really the thought that counts then where your gift came from should not matter as much as who it came from.