Halloween Costumes with No Costume Required

When it comes to your Halloween costume, not having a dazzling outfit doesn't mean it is any less amazing. Purchasing an extravagant costume isn’t a luxury we all have, which is why these costume-less Halloween looks are ideal of those of us who want to make the biggest impact with the smallest amount of products. Below you will find a list of costumes that you can create with beauty items you already have in your collection.

Look #1: 3D

Although this may look hectic- the process is quite simple and easy to recreate! All you need is: blue eyeshadow, red eyeshadow, red lip liner, and a blue kohl eyeliner. To create this look, all that is required is to follow the natural contours of your face with the blue shadow and mirror this on the opposing side with the red shadow. Once this is finished, just fill in your brows with the kohl liner and lip liner, and voila! Throw on a black body suit and you are Halloween ready.     

Look #2: POP Art

Pop art has been such a popular trend in the beauty community, and for good reason. It is so simple, yet so impactful. You can use whatever colours you desire and make the look custom to your liking. All you need is: black liquid liner, white liquid liner, a bold coloured eyeshadow, and a red matte lipstick. Taking your black liquid liner, use this to outline the contours of the face. Throw on a pop of colour on the lid and add a winged liner for a dramatic effect. Apply your matte lipstick to your lips, outline with the black liquid liner, and add some highlights for dimension on the highest points of the lips. It is that simple. Add some comic inspired accessories and you are party ready.               

Look #3: Ice Cream Girl

Ice cream is everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure, so why not make yourself irresistible with just a few products? This look is a little bit more time consuming, but the outcome is completely worth it. All you need is: red face paint, white face paint, dark pink eyeshadow, white eyeshadow, sprinkles (I used edible ones), and bronzer (you can also use brown eyeshadow). Starting off with your regular makeup routine, create the shape of your “dripping” ice cream by mixing together 2 parts of red face paint and 1 part of white face paint. Then taking 2 parts of white paint and 1 part of red paint, use this mixture to highlight the centre of the ice cream to add light and dimension. Next, take your dark pink eyeshadow and shade all around the perimeter of the ice cream to add a shadow. Taking your bronzer, shade underneath all of the drips to create the illusion of a lifted drip, so it appears as though it is dripping off of your face. Heavily apply the bronzer to the opposite side of the face where you commonly would contour, and create a cross hatch design using white paint to mimic a waffle cone. Lastly, apply any cosmetic adhesive (I used eyelash glue) to the brow and adhere your sprinkles. Top it off with a pink lip of your choice and you are ready to sweeten up everyone’s night!

I hope you enjoyed these costume-less Halloween looks. Stay safe and have an amazing time at your Halloween event this year.