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During this time of uncertainty regarding COVID-19, it is so important that everyone does their part to stay home, self-isolate and practice social distancing. While this may seem extreme, it is incredibly important to slow the spread of the virus and keep the most vulnerable in our community safe! Through my experience self-quarantining, I have compiled a list of fun things for everyone to take part in while  stuck in their homes. 


Take up baking/cooking

One of my favourite things to do is to try to make fun new dishes in the kitchen. Whether you want to try your hand at baking sweet treats, or if you would prefer to cook something savoury for your family's meal, the possibilities are endless!

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Board games

Another way to keep your family and yourself busy is to pull out old board games! This is not only a wonderful way to connect with your family but also allows you to remember how we used to keep ourselves busy before the days of smartphones and television. 

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Have video chat dates with your friends and significant others

While this period of quarantining can seem boring and social distancing is very difficult, there are many ways to stay in contact with the people you love! My friends and I set up specific times for video chat dates so that we can spend a few hours catching up while remaining in quarantine. You could also set up virtual dates with your significant other and video chat while eating dinner!

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Watch a brand new show/movie on Netflix

Netflix is a godsend to us in the 21st century. Now that we all have so much more free time, we can spend hours binge watching a new show or exploring the vast amount of movies available on any television, tablet or phone. 

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Try out yoga

Although we are unable to go to the gym during this pandemic, it is incredibly important that we continue to stay as active as possible. One of my favourite ways to remain active is to do yoga in my living room. There are many different yoga videos available on Youtube so that you may attend a virtual class and learn the basics!

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Take up knitting

During my time in isolation, I decided to put my  knitting skills to the test! This activity definitely makes the time go by faster and it is very rewarding to see what you can create. While many people might not have the required materials readily available, there are other hobbies that can be taken up. Scrapbooking and painting are both viable options to remain occupied during this time. 

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I hope this list helps! I know this time is hard for many, but it is important that we join together as a community in order to flatten the curve of the coronavirus spread and protect the vulnerable in our community!


Samantha Godden

UWindsor '22

Samantha Godden is a third year student at the University of Windsor in the Concurrent Education/French Studies program. She loves to spend her time travelling, reading and napping. She aspires to be a teacher after graduation.
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