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Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about Warner Bros latest DC feature The Batman that is heading into theatres on March 4th. In this film, The Riddler (Paul Dano) has begun killing numerous key political figures in Gotham City, which forces Batman (Robert Pattinson) to not only investigate the hidden corruption of the city, but also to investigate his family’s personal involvement in the murders. 

Here is the trailer in case you haven’t seen it:

Warner Bros’ Trailer for The Batman. Releases March 4th 2022.

So now you might be thinking, “ That sounds so interesting, but why should I go and see it?” Well, here are my five reasons why you need to go and see The Batman.

A Mystery Approach to the Batman Franchise

When you think of Batman, you likely think of him as a crime fighting anti-hero taking down villains solely with hand-to-hand combat. However, what we commonly don’t see is Batman’s detective skills. In the comics, Batman is known to be one of the world’s greatest detectives, which many directors and writers don’t heavily focus on in the latest Batman films. However, with Matt Reeves’s version of the character, he uses this idea as a central foundation towards the narrative of the film. In this film, we’re watching a younger version of Batman investigate a crime and analyze clues left by the Riddler, as Batman not only tries to figure out why all these murders are happening and if his own family is secretly involved. This concept, in combination with the film falling into the thriller, action, and horror genres, will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire film!


Being the eighth film in the long line of solo Batman films, the iconic Batman character is being portrayed by someone new. The Batman stars actor Robert Pattinson, who you may know from films such as the Twilight franchise (Summit, 2008-2012), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Warner Bros, 2005), Tenet (Warner Bros, 2020), or most recently The Devil All the Time (Apple TV+, 2020). This role makes Pattinson the twelfth actor to play Batman, which means audiences get to see Batman in a different way. In an interview with The New York Times Robert Pattinson explained that “Batman’s not a hero; he’s a complicated character” (2019), and how he hopes to focus on more of the complications and emotional aspects of the character. Director Matt Reeves’s also hopes to channel a new version of Batman, explaining that he wanted to “leave the moviegoers in tears” and “tackle a story that featured a young Bruce Wayne, before he really became the superhero fans know” (Us Weekly, 2019). Therefore, in this film, we will get an emotional and character driven Batman film that we have never seen on screen before, which will be something refreshing to see! (I also must note, #Battinson is the superior sounding hashtag compared to #Baffleck or #Baleman!)

Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

In this film, we get to see a lot of iconic Batman villains including The Riddler (Paul Dano) and Penguin (Colin Farrell). But the villain who will be the star of the show in this film is Catwoman, who is a long-time enemy and love interest to Batman. This version of the character will be played by Zoe Kravitz. This will be the third time a woman of colour gets to take on this role, with Eartha Kit being the first Catwoman of Colour back in 1966, and Halle Berry being the second, as she played Catwoman in a solo film back in 2004. So, it will be very cool to see someone of colour bring this role back onto the big screen! You may know Zoe Kravitz from films such as Mad Max: Fury Road (Warner Bros, 2015), X-Men: First Class (20th Century Fox, 2011), and Divergent (Lionsgate, 2014). Another cool fact is she previously played Catwoman in The Lego Batman Movie back in 2017! Kravitz was a fan favourite character from this movie, so getting to see her play the character in not only a live action setting, but also in a more adult setting, will be something interesting to see. Finally, unlike previous Catwoman characters, in The Batman Catwoman has more of a central role within the film and is less of a sexualized side character; instead, she will be more of a crime fighting sidekick as the two work together to take down the other villains.

Matt Reeves is Directing

Obviously, we can talk about the cast, but let’s discuss behind the scenes for a moment. Matt Reeves directs this take of Batman. Matt Reeves is known for his work in directing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (20th Century Fox, 2014) and writing and directing War for the Planet of the Apes (20th Century Fox, 2017), which were both Oscar nominated and have received phenomenal reviews by critics and audience members alike. Reeves has also been nominated five times for best director in showcases such as the Saturn Awards and the Fright Meter Awards, and has won best screenplay for his film Let Me In (Hammer Films, 2010) at the Fright Meter awards. These nominations in combination with his love by critics and audiences has made Batman fans extremely excited to see what Reeves has in store in terms of The Batman since he plans to take a darker and more emotional route compared to previous perspectives.

The Batman’s Connection to the DCEU

In the past few years, DC has been trying to create their own crossover universe like Marvel’s, which we have seen done with recent crossover movies like Justice League (Warner Bros, 2017), and The Suicide Squad (Warner Bros, 2021) as well as their recent origin stories for Wonder Woman 1984 (Warner Bros, 2020) and Shazam (Warner Bros, 2019) which are both going to have large focuses in the DCEU in the coming years. DC has also expanded this concept even further by working with HBO Max, where there are a few DC shows in the works, including Peacemaker (2022) which launched on the service in January. After the release of The Batman, HBO Max has a few DC shows slated that relate to this film, including a series starring Colin Farrell’s Penguin’s origin story and rise to power in Gotham City (currently has no title but is slated for 2023), as well as an animated Batman series titled Batman: Caped Crusader (2023), with Matt Reeves as the executive producer for both. Thus, with these two shows coming our way, The Batman will likely be an important foundation in order to have a good understanding of what is going on in these shows once they release.

Those are most of my reasons to go at see The Batman releasing on March 4th! However, I do have one more reason up my sleeve!

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