Favourite Canadian Small Businesses I Found on TikTok

If you had asked me earlier this year if I was on TikTok or had seen the latest dance trend, I would have told you no. That is until everything started to shut down back in March and I needed something to keep myself entertained. Cue mindlessly scrolling through TikTok at all hours of the day-- but I found that on this platform, there is a “small business” section where you can find just about anything being made and can support other small businesses. 

This is a compilation of a few of my favourite Canadian small businesses that I never would have found if not for TikTok (links to their shops can be found by clicking the shop name). 

The Flair 

The Flair specializes in beautiful beaded bracelets starting at $8 and delicate earrings perfect for every outfit. They offer free Canadian shipping and have amazing customer service. I purchased 2 bracelets from them and they are the perfect accent piece to outfits that just need a little something more. 


Ever wanted to rep your university outside of just Campus merch? Look no further than PGoodsFineArt! They are based in Toronto and Niagara and specialize in stickers. They have an entire line of University-inspired stickers (even one for UWindsor!), as well as many other designs including Tim Hortons and scrunchies. 


If you are looking for the cutest stickers to decorate your water bottles, laptops, and school notebooks, check out Chyumi! Based in British Columbia, Chyumi sells kawaii-style stickers with just the most adorable faces. My favourite collection would have to be the Studio Ghibli collection, which I currently have decorating my own laptop, but I’ve also been eyeing the latest launch, the Korean night Market foods sheet!

Crocheting With Hudson 

I couldn’t end this list without mentioning another fellow crocheter, and Crocheting with Hudson makes just the best items! They have these perfect retro beanies that will keep you warm in the cold Canadian winters that are coming, and they have a new line of snuggly teddy bears that are just unbelievable! 


TikTok is the perfect place to not only find funny videos to mindlessly scroll past, but also to find new creators that you are able to support and help during these tough times. Do you have any favourite businesses that you have found thanks to TikTok? Let us know!