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Europe on a Budget?

Europe can absolutely be done on a budget. I do it almost every single year. Here are some of my best tips I can offer you!



If you have never heard of RyanAir, WizzAir or EasyJet, hop on a search engine and check 

them out! They are Europe’s budget airlines and they are great if you are looking for 

cheap flights. I once flew from Dortmund, Germany to Luton, England for $15 Canadian 

(yes, you read that right). They are strict on their baggage policies so you really need to 

do your research (if you are bringing more than a small backpack, you will need to buy 

extra luggage). 



If you have a little more time on your hands you can check out FlixBus! They offer super 

cheap bus fare to get between cities and countries. There are washrooms and wifi on 

the buses, and they also offer night buses so you can sleep for the long bus rides. 



If you are down to meet fun new people and bunk in a room with a bunch of others, I 

recommend checking out hostels! They are generally half the price of a hotel stay. Many 

offer A/C, wifi, free breakfasts…just read the fine print! I have never had a bad 

experience (mind you, I do my research prior to booking). Lots of hostels offer smaller or 

private rooms, but they are more expensive. My favourite hostel is The Hat in Madrid. I 

also recommend looking at the Hostelworld website or booking.com when trying to 

decide what hostel to stay at. 



Skyscanner has a wonderful function where you input where you’re flying from, click 

“Everywhere” for destination, and then choose an entire month and voila! A list of 

destinations ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive will come up. It is a really 

great way to see what destinations may be the cheapest to fly into! 



My Windsor/GTA friends, check out yyzdeals.com. The best flight deals can be found 

here and even all-inclusive vacations at the lowest prices. Check back frequently as lots 

of deals might only last a few hours to a few days! Be prepared to jump on the 

opportunity to fly to Porto, Portugal for only $300 with a backpack (trust me you do not 

want a suitcase, a backpack will be sufficient)!


I hope you find some of these tips useful. There are so many ways to do Europe on a budget, but here are some ideas to get you started on your next adventure!


Lexi Sawchuk

UWindsor '20

Hi my name is Lexi and I am the social media director for Her Campus at the University of Windsor! I love working with Her Campus and the community that surrounds it. I am currently in my second year of teachers college. My dream job is to teach French and Geography at an intermediate level. I also hope to one day pursue a Masters degree in Second Language Acquisition. I am very passionate about travelling, spending time with friends and family, my cute puppy, and reading. I believe life is best enjoyed when surrounded by those you love and the things you love.
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