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Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Wall Kimmerer

Robin Wall Kimmerer is a professor and botanist who is part of the Potawatomi Nation. She works to reconcile the bond between Indigenous and Western science practices. Through her non-fiction book Braiding Sweetgrass, she uses personal stories and memories to emphasize how science has connection to the land. From making maple syrup with her children and battling a pond full of algae, to teaching her readers the spiritual importance of sweetgrass, Kimmerer reconnects the spirit of the Earth to the practices of Western science. This is a must read for anyone studying and working to decolonize science. Kimmerer’s calming voice induces a deep connection to the world around us. Read more about her work here

Rainbow Milk – Paul Mendez 

Rainbow Milk is the debut novel of Paul Mendez, a Jamaican-British author. This novel spans two periods of time: the immigration of a man and his wife from Jamaica to England in the 1950s, and the present day life of 19-year old Jesse McCarthy. This book explores ideas of identity as Jesse determines  his place in the world, being both a Black and gay man. This book’s realistic portrayal of life, loss, and finding your way highlights the uncertainties that life brings. 

Transcendent Kingdom – Yaa Gyasi 

Transcendent Kingdom follows Gifty, a fifth-year PhD candidate studying neuroscience. Her work reflects her life around her: studying the neural circuits of addiction and depression, two things very close to her heart. Her brother, a star-athlete and all around good guy, died of a drug overdose. Her mom, the strongest person she knows, is afflicted with seemingly never-ending bouts of deep depression. Her research unlocks memories of her childhood and brings up philosophical questions that Gifty needs answered. This book delves into the relationship between science and emotions, between finding answers for the future, and learning from your past. 

The City We Became – N. K. Jemisin 

The City We Became is a sci-fi work of art. In this world, cities come to life in the form of avatars once they have accumulated enough culture: Paris, Sao Paolo, Beijing. Now it’s time for New York City to come to life, but instead of one avatar, it has 6. Each borough must come together in order to aid the grand avatar of New York City. However, one avatar is not all that inclined to help. In this delightfully weird expression of culture and New York City pride, worlds collide as this city comes to life. 

Split Tooth – Tanya Tagaq 

Tanya Tagaq is an Inuit throat singer who became an author after writing her first novel, Split Tooth. This book is a spiritual journey interspersed with stark elements from real life. Violence and creation are spoken in the same sentence, brought to life through poetry and prose. Tagaq speaks of life in the Arctic, the 24 hour sunshine and the time when the sun doesn’t show for months. Part fiction, part memoir, this is a story of growth. 

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