The Best Places to Buy Scrunchies 

Scrunchies have recently come back in fashion and are a really fun accessory to make any outfit look extra cute( Besides keeping your hair up and away from your face, scrunchies put less stress on your hair (in comparison to rubber bands or regular ponytail holders) and can hold up a great deal of hair without it falling out of the hairstyle. Additionally, they don’t cause that annoying headache (that makes you think you have a brain tumour), and you can wear them out for hours on end without having to fix your hair. If I've convinced you to join the scrunchie-squad,  there are several places that sell scrunchies. Below are some of my favourite places to buy scrunchies:


Claire’s (

They currently have a deal where you can buy 3 scrunchies for $15 and get three scrunchies for free. They have various colors that are on sale and most of the scrunchies are made of velvet. If you’re in need of a few extra scrunchies because you lost a couple or let your friend borrow one, then check out Claire’s/Icing. Not only is it cost efficient, but you can really stock up on those good old scrunchies. 


Scrunch of Joy (

Scrunch of Joy has the CUTEST scrunchies that I have seen online. They have various designs that range from black satin scrunchies to breast cancer awareness scrunchies. They also have some scrunchies for Halloween and Christmas. These scrunchies tend to be on the pricier side at roughly $6 (not including shipping). However, if you are a big fan of sparkly and glamorous prints, then check these out - you will not be disappointed. 


Lululemon (

Lululemon has great apparel for yoga (or even just for lounging around in), but they have especially great scrunchies! These scrunchies actually reflect light which allows car headlights to pick up the reflective scrunchie so you can be seen  if you’re out for a late night walk. Besides this, these scrunchies are very durable which is expected for the price of $15. If you’re looking for a scrunchie that will keep your hair in place when you do that hit cardio workout or go for an intense run,this one’s for you. 


Etsy (

Last but not least, check out Etsy.  You’re bound to find scrunchies in a wide assortment of colors and designs.However they are a little more expensive than Scrunch of Joy - around $8 (which probably doesn’t include shipping). For that price range, you’re bound to find lots of floral prints and other interesting designs! 


I hope these websites help and that you find the perfect scrunchie! Happy scrunchie-shopping!