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Amazing Women Comedians Everyone Should Check Out

 I’ll be honest, the only thing getting me through this quarantine has been some good old-fashioned stand-up. When everything seems to be going badly, a few good laughs can cheer you right up. I want to share my laughter with you, so here are some of my favourite stand-up shows by women on Netflix. 


Katherine Ryan – Glitter Room 

 Katherine Ryan is a Canadian comedian who comes from the small town of Sarnia. Her comedy is clever, well thought out, and absolutely hysterical. She’s a woman who knows what she wants (and how to get it), and she won’t let any man tell her what to do. In this special, Ryan talks about her experience with the musical Hamilton, her 9-year-old British daughter, and what it’s like being a single mom. Katherine Ryan also appears in her Netflix Special In Trouble, The Fix, and her self-made show, The Duchess


Wanda Sykes – Not Normal 

 Wanda Sykes has been performing since 1987 and for good reason. Her comedy is both intelligent and funny, her animation and joy come through with every joke and really make her comedy a pleasure to watch. Speaking out against racism, sexism, and homophobia, Sykes covers a large range of topics with comedic ease. In this special, Sykes works her way through politics, racism, and her life experiences. 


Taylor Tomlinson – Quarter Life Crisis

 Taylor Tomlinson is a young woman with a lot to say. Telling jokes about her childhood, personal life, and how much she hates being 20, Tomlinson provides a perspective that’s exciting and new. Her comedic timing is fantastic, and she can relate with any member of her audience who feels they’re just as “young and dumb” as she is. In this special, Tomlinson talks about her ex-engagement and the things people don’t tell you about being young.


Tiffany Haddish – Black Mitzvah 

 Tiffany Haddish has had a long road to success. Her source material comes from her childhood, making what seems like terrible situations into something she can laugh about, and allow others to laugh at. Her energetic and fun delivery transports you somewhere else through laughing non-stop. Even though the topics can be serious, she still finds a way to make you laugh. Haddish can also be seen in her debut comedy special, She Ready, and a host ofher own show full of other fantastic women comedians, They Ready


Mae Martin – Netflix’s Comedians of the World: Collection 4 

 Mae Martin is a young comedian who has been making people laugh since she was a child. Her career started early, and as a result, she got into some messy situations. Martin delivers her comedy in a conversational tone, inviting you into her personal life. In this special, Martin talks about her addictive personality and early rise to fame in a relatable way. You can also see her in Feel Good, a show she writes and helps produce. 


Cristela Alonzo – Lower Classy 

 Cristela Alonzo is a first-generation American who has a story anyone with immigrant parents can relate to. Coming from starring in her own, self-titled TV show, Alonzo’s comedy is light and conversational. She delivers her stories like she’s talking to a friend. Although her experience growing up in America may be a little different than others, she draws everyone together with stories about her family we can all share. In this special she talks about Latinx stereotypes, growing up poor, and her very own Pretty Women moment. This special is a love letter to her family, and it will keep you laughing non-stop. 


Urzila Carlson – Overqualified Loser 

 Urzila Carlson is a New Zealand comic with deadpan humour and an incredible story-telling ability. Carlson’s wit and intelligence comes across in every joke, evoking an easy laugh that lasts throughout the entire show. In this special, Carlson talks about her wife, doctors appointments, and all the problems with the TV show The Biggest Loser. Winning many awards and appearing on many New Zealand TV shows, Carlson’s special is well worth the watch. 


Hannah Gadsby – Douglas 

 Hannah Gadsby is an Australian comic with a groundbreaking take on comedy. Speaking out against marriage inequality and speaking up for people with similar life stories as her, Gadsby delivers her stories in an easy and relatable way. In this special, Gadsby talks about her sexuality, her autism diagnosis, and unusual encounters. Critics considered this special something much larger than comedy, and I agree. You can also check out her special, Nanette, on Netflix. 


Aparna Nancherla – Netflix’s The Stand-Ups: Season 2 

 Aparna Nancherla is an American comedian with some of the best comedic timing and delivery I’ve ever heard. Her comedy is dry and witty, and it’s delivered in a deadpan fashion that will leave you constantly laughing. Her special appears in The Stand-Ups, where she talks about airports, internet trolls, the problem with emojis, and trying to teach her dad to text. You can also see her on The Fix


Nicole Byer – Comedians of the World: Collection 3

 Nicole Byer is an American comedian with outrageous stories. She delivers her comedy with infectious joy and ease, making you fully believe even the most impossible stories. In her special, found in Comedians of the World, Byer talks about being fat and beautiful, and how she lives her life the way she wants to. Nicole Byer is incredibly funny and will keep you laughing even after the show is over. You can also see her in The Fix, and as the host of Netflix’s Nailed It! 


 All of these women are truly hilarious, providing you with non-stop comedy from the second they come on to the second they walk off the stage. I hope you guys check out some of these stand-up specials, and that they bring you as much laughter as they brought me! 


Giulia Vilardi is an undergrad student in the Behaviour, Cognition and Neuroscience program. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing flute and making art. She always appreciates a good music recommendation and can't get through the day without at least two cups of coffee!
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