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Acid Attacks in South Asia

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

Acid attacks against women occur throughout many countries in the world. Pakistan, like other South Asian countries,  has  a particularly high rate of acid attacks against women. In 2014,Valerie Khan, chairperson for Acid Survivors Foundation, a  NGO(non governmental organization) in Pakistan, stated that 65%  of  acid and burn victims were women and girls, 15% were children and 80%  of the survivors earned less than 8,000 rupees or $343 Canadian dollars a month. In addition, Khan stated that  the prosecution rate was 35% which meant  that justice was not delivered  in 65% of the cases, as there were problems in the investigations and trials out-of-court settlement added to the problems of victims. Source: https://tribune.com.pk/story/718067/burning-issue-over-50-acid-attacks-i…     It is extremely important to note that the poor particularly vulnerable, and most poor people in Pakistan, and in the world, are women. ( Dr.Cachon) Acid has been used against women  for responding negatively to sexual harassment, breaking off relationships, rejecting marriage proposals, demands for dowry and for not wearing the hijab and terrorists have also attacked women for attending school.

Alanna Keren

UWindsor '20

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