9 Reasons 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' is My New Favourite Show

I’ve always been late to the game when it came to technology and new babies of the internet. I was around for YouTube’s creation (but discovered it 5 years later), I got my first cellphone when I turned 18, and I just signed up for Netflix a few weeks ago (and boy, have those weeks been blissful).

Ever since my TV broke in 2012, I have opted for Asian entertainment. On my laptop, I have spent a lot of my time streaming from Dramafever and Crunchyroll, rooting for Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon to get together, and cheering for Ash Lynx to uncover the secrets of Banana Fish. I never thought I would like an American show (at least, not since 2012)—they all seemed too long, too watered-down, and the humour didn’t connect with me. But clearly I was wrong to think so. Upon discovering the Nine-Nine, my whole world changed (especially my grades, but we won’t talk about that part).

So, what’s so great about this show? I’ll tell you:


1. It’s perfect for binge watching and periodic watching

To be perfectly honest, as students it’s hard to dedicate much time to watching shows. Episodes that are 60 minutes long (like K-dramas) and those that require you to remember all the details of the previous episode may not be ideal—especially if you’re trying to unwind from school and avoid turning the cogs in your brain for a couple minutes. The episodes in B99 are around 20 minutes long, and each one is light-hearted and fun—good for a little chuckle, and easy to keep track of. That said, with the compelling story and fleshed-out characters, it’s also easy to binge!


2. The Characters

Whether you’re an Amy or a Jake, a Boyle or a Diaz, the incredible diversity in character types is refreshing. Although not everyone is as thoroughly developed as I’d like, everyone has a distinct life away from the Nine-Nine, and a compelling backstory: Jake Peralta, the greatest detective with the most childish heart, constantly butting heads with authority but always doing what’s right; Rosa Diaz, the mysterious cool baddie with an unexpected backstory and difficulty in dealing with her emotions; Captain Holt, the tough-love leader of the precinct who had to overcome discrimination regarding his race and sexuality to find success. Every character deals with something we can all relate to as viewers, and many interact with issues prevalent in today’s society. So no matter who you are, you will find someone to connect to.


3. The Concept

While the idea of a slice-of-life workplace comedy isn’t new (The Office and Parks and Recreation beat B99 to it), I’ve never seen this kind of concept set in a police station. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been to the police station. I’ve seen some officers in their cars at times, and some stepping out occasionally to give out speeding tickets, but I’ve never really thought about or known about how they operate on the daily. Shows like CSI portray them as always serious and in some sort of peril, and while B99 isn’t totally realistic either, it shows a new side to the detectives. They are regular people. While that fact may seem obvious, there’s a difference between knowing that and seeing it actually play out. It’s sort of like when you find out your cashier isn't a robot.


4. The plot

A friend of mine once told me that good characters can carry a bad story, but a good story can’t carry bad characters. Boy, is this true! After all, stories (especially ones like this, where characters are the focus) rely on character decisions; they’re based around how characters react to the environment and with each other. You need good solid characters that the viewers can come to know as friends and invest in, in order to really make the story compelling, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine delivers on that.


5. The pacing

Tying into the previous point, the pacing is fantastic. Events and character relationships progress realistically, where nothing seems too forced or out-of-character. It’s almost like secretly watching your friends hang out (only not creepy).


6. The comedy

The characters make the comedy. Jake Peralta, the childish hero, is always so excited to get his hands on an interesting action-packed case and solve it with his, perhaps, unorthodox ways. Amy Santiago, always the nerd, sucks up like insane to the captain to try and sneak under his wing and become a mentee. But no one can suck-up like Charles Boyle, the pitiful yet loveable awkward dork who knows far too much about octopus balls, and whose life just wouldn’t be the same without his constant accidental innuendos. And while many comedy shows may rely on stereotypes for their material, B99 doesn’t. It doesn’t make a big deal out of the captain for being gay and black, or Peralta for being Jewish, or Santiago for being Cuban. It’s a comedy founded in wit, situation, and character, and if you ask me, that’s the best kind of comedy.


7. The romantic relationships

Opposites attract, math problems lead to boning, and foodies do unexpectedly odd things with each other when you let them passionately discover a closet. I can’t give too much away here without ruining the first two seasons, but trust me when I say it works.


8. The bad guys

We’ve talked about the phenomenal characters at the Nine-Nine, but what about the rest of Brooklyn? What about the bad guys? Unsurprisingly, some of them are very 2-dimensional, playing off stereotypes (like the Italian mafia) for comedy’s sake. But there is a certain gem that takes this show to the next level: the Pontiac Bandit, a perp Jake has been trying to locate for years. Incredibly elusive and clever, the Pontiac Bandit always seems to be one step ahead of the NYPD. Immature yet brilliant, he’s a lot like Jake Peralta, and unsurprisingly there’s a connection (despite Jake’s attempts to stifle it). Whether they’re jumping on a bed in white bathrobes, meeting up on an impromptu cruise, or taking down a perp, when it comes to this dynamic duo you’ve got to wonder—friends, or foes?


9. Sit back, relax, unwind

We’ve all had tough days. School is a nightmare, assignments are flying left and right, and all you can do is keep your head from banging the table in class as you pinch yourself awake. Whether it’s work, school, or the business of daily life that’s drained your battery, relax at the end of the day with an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And, in the famous words of the Pontiac Bandit: think of me when you smush.