6 Ways to Stay Active This Winter

We all know that once the ground is covered in fluffy, white snow, it is a lot harder to motivate yourself to go for a run or do anything that is active.  This list will hopefully give you some great ideas to help you stay active throughout the cold, snowy months.

  1. Bundle up and go skating

Skating is my favourite activity!  Whether it is shinny or just a casual skate with friends, skating is a great way to spend time with your and active.  It doesn’t matter if you can skate or not; use this activity as an excuse to get that cute boy to teach you how!  Just don’t forget to put on your warm jackets, mitts, scarves, hats, and socks!

  1. Go for a run (on a treadmill)

You may not be able to run outside, but treadmills are definitely an option.  I get it. I hate running on the treadmill too, but it keeps me active.  The best thing about the Forge is that there are treadmills that face the window.  Imagine running on a treadmill and getting to watch the snow blow around outside.  It will distract you from the run!

  1. Make a snowman

Ok, the act of making a snowman is not necessarily the most active thing in the world.  I don’t know about you, but every time I have tried to make a snowman with my friends (even now), it ends up leading to a snowball fight.  A snowball fight will definitely keep you active with all the ducking and dodging!

  1. Go skiing

Skiing is a great way to stay active in the winter!  Spending a day on the slopes is relaxing and a fantastic way to spend a chilly, winter day.  Just makes sure to go into the chalet and enjoy some warm hot chocolate at the end of the day!

  1. TOBOGGANING or To-boozing if that is more up your alley

If anyone ever tries to tell you that tobogganing is not a way to stay active, I recommend asking them if they have ever tried to climb Malden Hill bundled up in snow pants, a thick jacket and clunky, winter boots.  It IS definitely a workout.  If you choose to mix alcohol into this experience, it will add another aspect to the workout. You will likely try to climb the hill a couple times before actually getting to go down it.

  1. Just go for a walk

Have you ever gone for a walk with the snow floating throughout the sky and the houses lit up with Christmas lights? Yep, best walk ever.  And just think, you’re burning those calories.

These are just a couple suggestions, so use this list and go enjoy the snow with your friends and family instead of sitting around inside all day!