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Does anyone else find that they watch more dramas in the fall? I find as the weather gets colder and gloomier, I tend to lean more into the serious side of television. This ranges anywhere from crime, to business, to politics, and anywhere in between. So if you are looking to enter into your fall boss babe era, here’s 5 shows you should check out.


If you are looking for a legal drama  that will take some time to binge, I heavily recommend checking out Suits. This show centers around Mike Ross, a law school drop-out who uses his photographic memory to get an associate job with “closer” attorney Harvey Specter.  During its nine-season run, the show focuses on Harvey and Mike winning numerous cases while simultaneously trying to hide Mike’s secret.

This is a show that just gets better and better with each season. When watching, you get the law aspect as see members of the firm deal with numerous cases, but you also get the drama side through character development. Each character has a unique story, and I love watching their arcs as the seasons progress. If  you’re looking for a long drama to binge, this is definitely a good choice.

Defending Jacob

Continuing in the political genre, Defending Jacob on Apple TV+ is a great limited series to check out this fall. Based on the book series of the same name, Defending Jacob stars Chris Evans, a defense attorney whose life is flipped upside down after his 14-year-old son is charged with murder.

This show features lots of dramatic twists and turns that keep the central question of “did he really do it?” stuck in your mind. The ending itself is also so ambiguous that you still get to entertain the idea of what exactly happened long after you finish the series. Not to mention, the show primarily utilizes a fall season setting, so you get that cozy yet gloomy weather to set the vibes right.


Of all the shows on this list this is the drama I’ll be binging this fall. Succession takes us into the lives of the Roy family who are owners of the biggest media conglomerate in the world. When their father, Logan starts contemplating the future of the company, the audience sees  his eldest son, Kendall attempt to solidify his takeover. As the series progresses, Kendall and Logan’s three other children face a difficult choice when control of the company and family loyalties start colliding. 

This show is four seasons long and I binged the first season (which is about 10 hours) in the first 2 days. For a show to focus on characters we’d find despicable in real life, I found myself so engaged by this  family’s dynamics and I’m curious as to what will happen next.

The Politician

Shifting into politics, The Politician is a show I watched in 2020 that I still think about to this day. This two-season series features Payton who dreams of one day becoming the President of the United States. The first season starts off small, with Payton’s heart set on becoming his high school’s student body president. After dealing with the treacherous political landscape of high school in season 1, Payton then sets his eyes on becoming senator  by campaigning for a seat in the New York Senate. Although  it has  been 3 years since it aired, this show is planning to return for a third season, where the character (and actor Ben Platt) will have aged, making him ready to run for president in the final season.

I find that this show puts a unique and youthful perspective on traditional political shows. Not only is it filled with drama and sabotage, but it’s  relatable and contains a bit of comedy as well.


This limited series had such an amazing ending that I won’t forget. Bodyguard is a British political thriller split into 6 parts. It tells the story of a troubled war veteran who now has PTSD. After thwarting off a terrorist attack, he gets assigned to protect the home secretary whose politics he despises.

This show draws lots of attention on controversial issues including government monitoring, regulation, political intervention during  terrorism, and post-traumatic-stress-disorder in war veterans. If you are looking for a shorter binge to kick off your fall watchlist, I’d highly recommend it.

Happy bingeing!

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