5 Reasons Why It’s Worth Attending Your School Lectures

We’ve all been there, questioning if it is worth it to roll out of bed, shower, and get dressed just to sit in a 50-minute lab, or make it for the 8: 30-morning class. Even that 3-hour lecture that goes until 10 pm is not looking too well right about now. Although it is easy to get into the habit of skipping a lecture here and there, what if I told you there are some beneficial reasons as to why you should go to these lectures?


1.     You’re paying for it!

Yep, who would have guessed it? No sane persons pays a school over $4000 just to skip out and waste your money. With every class, you skip, it is a MINIMUM of $75 per class! Can you imagine how much Starbucks and Tim Hortons you can get with that?!

2.     Professors usually will give hints for midterms and exams

These are called the “free bonus marks” because all you have to do is go to class and listen, paying close attention to things such as ‘this would make a good exam question’, or they might just be forward with it and say “This will be on the exam. Take down exactly what I say and you will get an A.


3.     Your Grade

This one is self-explanatory. Of course, your grade will depend on you showing up to class.Also, many classes have begun taking into account class attendance and participation in order to give bonus marks to those who show up every week.

4.     Learn Something New

This may sound super cheesy, but it is true! Even if it is a mandatory class that you need in order to graduate, you may take away something from that class that will be used in another class or will be beneficial after you graduate.


5.     Reading Blackboard Slides DOES NOT COUNT as Attending the Class

Sure, it may be super easy to just sit at home and copy and paste the slides into a document, but many professors deviate from the slide, adding more information than what is presented. This material WILL be tested, because it shows those who attended the classes and those who just went off the slides.