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4 Problems With Staying In Instead of Going Out (as explained by GIFs)

It’s a Friday night…


…and before university, you might have spent this night alone and comfortable in bed.


But now, all of your friends want to party as much as they can when Friday comes around.


These days, you’re conflicted every weekend between going out or staying home and relaxing.


If you decide to stay home, there are 4 problems you will probably face:


1. Realizing, in the middle of a movie, that you forgot about that one assignment that’s due tomorrow.

Because, of course, why should you get time to relax in peace?


2. You discover that even though you made the choice to stay home, you feel left out when your friends are having fun without you.

Is it too late to change your mind?! You can change out of your onesie and put together a cute outfit in no time – you promise!


3. You keep getting obnoxious drunken calls and texts from your friends.

If their My Stories on Snapchat weren’t enough, listening to them drunkenly slur about how much fun they’re having certainly is.


4. When the assignment you forgot about is done, you’ve gotten over your loneliness, and the drunken calls have stopped, you’re too tired to finish your movie in the first place.

You’re just going to close your eyes for one minute….


Luckily, none of the interruptions matter, because you’ve had a relaxing and restful Friday night that will prepare you for a weekend of partying…


…Or maybe just two more full days of relaxing in bed.

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