29 Things All HK Students Know to be True

  1. Look down at what you are wearing. Are they sweats? If yes, then you are in HK.

  2. Even though HK students wear sweats all the time, they are not homeless.
  3. The common misconception is that all HK students are athletes. Ok, most are, but STILL.

  4. Having only 10 minutes to get from the HK Building to main campus in between classes.

  5. And then again from main campus to HK after that class.

  6. Hungry during a long day of classes? Hope you brought food because the closest place is McDonalds and no one wants that every day.

  7. Finding a place to sit and do homework in between classes is difficult when fighting for space with the 200 first years.

  8. Especially when they take over the nook.

  9. Looking for your Sport Management classroom? Best bet is that it’s in 145.

  10. Is Sport Studies real?

  11. What is HK Publishers and where is it?

  12. Hope you wanted to learn how to coach extreme inline skating for preteens because you probably got that textbook free from HK Publishers when you bought your textbook for class.

  13. Being that poor sap that accidentally takes Kenno’s Cardio Physiology class because they “thought it would be interesting”. Your GPA will never be the same.

  14. Oh, your Wingate is tomorrow? Hope you’re ready to die and do not require the use of your legs any time soon.

  15. COMMIT to crossing College. Stragglers WILL be hit.

  16. It’s spring time? Probably spent longer than you had to outside HK observing the firefighters cleaning their engines.

  17. But when the fire alarm goes off it still takes 20 minutes for them to cross the street.

  18. What other faculty gives you credit for spending 9 days in the woods? Shout out to ODR!

  19. “Have you ever seen Vicky Paraschak portaging a canoe with no hands while taking pictures of mushrooms and speaking to small animals with her mind?”

  20. Oh, you like sports? There is a course for that too.

  21. Going to a Spits game and knowing that half of Sports Management will be running the show.

  22. First years do not understand the meaning of Thirsty Thursday due to weekly anatomy tests.

  23. Is that Cleopatra? No, it’s just Dr. Andrews in this year’s Halloween costume.

  24. HK is one big happy family,literally.  Half of the professors are married to each other.

  25. If you go into HK, you better like animals.  The professors tend to celebrate take your pet to work day, every day.

  26. “Deep in the heart of the Windsor Jungle, you can hear those Kin kids rumble. HU-RAH. HU-RAH. What. HU-RAH. HU-RAH. What.”

  27. Yes, HK does go to a national conference where your best drinkers in the faculty compete in activities.  But you better have your physiology knowledge down too.

  28. Having a prof that cares enough to learn 200+ student’s names and go around the lecture hall on the last day of the semester.  Thanks Dr. Andrews!

  29. You may brush HK students off now as jocks or gym teachers, but remember, they will be the ones taking care of you when you're old!

Thanks to Jillian Widjaja for the help on this article.