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Woman-Owned Windsor-area Businesses to Treat Yourself to This Exam Season

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Birk Boutique

For all my décor lovers, this one’s for you! Birk Boutique makes a collection of handmade ceramics, from mugs and teacups to vases, ring holders, and plates! She also makes the mostADORABLE magnets to spice up your kitchen!

Her body-positive mugs and vases are perfect to feminize your home, or you can opt for a super cute cowboy boot vase to kickstart your coastal cowgirl summer aesthetic!

A HOLE Lotta Donuts

If you’re looking for an actual little treat, look no further than A HOLE Lotta Donuts! These gourmet donuts have rotating monthly flavours perfect for every season! If you didn’t catch the pre-order, don’t worry – sometimes she posts her extras on her stories!


Ever wanted to hop on the permanent jewelry bandwagon? You can do it in Windsor now! Aloraflora, located downtown in the Whiskyjack Boutique, is the perfect place to celebrate the end of exams with your friends, and get a super cute, dainty permanent bracelet! Don’t wanna permanently commit just yet? She also can add a clasp, so you can take it off whenever you want!

P’tit Quelquechose

For all of your drinkware, apparel, sticker and accessory needs, take a look at P’tit Quelquechose! From super cute glass can cups, to pouches, stickers, and car coasters, this shop is perfect to add to your summer aesthetic!

Jaime Nemett

UWindsor '24

Jaime is an undergrad student in Forensics Science with a concentration in Biology at UWindsor. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, music, drawing, and rewatching her favourite TV shows and movies.