11 Signs You’re Falling for Someone

Falling for someone is the best part of any new relationship. Whether you’ve just met, have been friends for a while, or you’ve been on-again-off-again for the past 5 months with finally the realization of getting serious with him or her, these are the tell-tale signs of really falling for someone. This stage is often referred to as the honeymoon stage, and we hope that it lasts forever. For some couples, it does. That’s when you know you’ve struck gold. Read on to find out if you’re really falling for someone.


1. The Butterflies

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy… you’re nervous around them. But it’s a good nervous. You’ve got these butterflies in your stomach and every time you kiss it’s like the first time… but better.

2. You Always Want to be Around Them


Like always.  You can’t seem to get enough.Even if you just woke up together, you're already looking forward to meeting up after your first class for lunch to share details about the few hours you were apart. You’re hooked. He/she is your drug and you just can’t seem to get enough.


3. The Love Songs Start Making Sense

Even the sad ones. Every cute song you hear reminds you of them. You can relate to the lyrics, and you’re so happily involved that you sing them at the top of your lungs without a care in the world.

4. You Miss Them

After being apart for only a few hours, it seems like days. You miss their smile, the way they smell, their kisses… Refer to point number 2.


5. You Talk About the Future

And it only minimally scares the crap out of you. You plan for Christmas, and for next summer. You plan their birthday. You see a future with them because you couldn’t seem to imagine a future without them.

7. You Could Sit and Just Talk with Them for Hours

You never seem to run out of things to talk about, and you tell them things you’ve never told anyone as easy as sliding warm butter on hot toast. You talk until the sun comes up and you’re not even tired because you’re with them and in those moments everything is perfect.

8. You Feel Safe Around Them

You trust him or her with your life, even when you’re lost in the woods after dark with only a cell phone flashlight and a crappy version of Apple maps. Their arms are your safe-haven.

9. Their Quirks Make you Fall Even More

So what if they snore, ask stupid questions during movies or take a little too long to text you back sometimes? They are who they are, and your rose coloured glasses make it seem like the cutest little flaws in the world. To you, their flawless and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

10. You Smile More Because of Them

Maybe it’s because they’re just so darn cute that you can’t get enough, or maybe it’s because they genuinely make you happier. Either way, you’re smiling enough for the two of you.

10. You’re Not Scared

Everything seems to have fallen into place, and you’re not scared, you’re excited. You don’t worry that they’re going to leave, even on your worst of days. You’re not scared that this is just some fling cause you know that it’s more than that. You’re not scared, and it’s wonderful.